Tuesday, May 4, 2010

another week, another poop story

A few months ago Ryan and I had big plans for our 10 year anniversary. Chicago, Seattle or Maine, but Landon came and that was the greatest anniversary trip/present ever. But that meant we spent our anniversary covered in spitup and poop which is fine, just different from Chicago or Seattle or Maine. However, Ryan gave me the greatest present ever that day. He took Landon and let me go to sleep at 6pm. It was heaven!!!

The next day he took me to dinner at Cafe Rio in Denver and we stopped by the Joann's that was close. While in Joann's Landon really started stinking. We knew we needed to find somewhere to change him. My preferred place to change a diaper when out is in Target. We couldn't find a target close so we stopped at McDonalds. Usually McDonalds is an okay place. Ryan decided to wait in the car while I ran in and changed him. I get him out of the car seat an start pulling his clothes off and realize there is poop all over, up to his shoulders! Yes, he has poop on his shoulder blades! It is going to be near impossible to get his clothes off without getting poop all over him. I get Ryan to come in to the womens' restroom and help me get his clothes off. Oh and the best part is, there is no paper towels in this restroom. Only air hand dryers. I convinced the workers to give me some of their precious papertowels to put down beneath him after I refused to use napkins.

So we managed to get him cleaned up and dressed in the spare outfit, but there was some poop left on the changing table. I went to ask the workers for some cleaning supplies so I could clean it up. They said they would do it for me. I feel a little bad. We weren't even paying customers. And that is our poop story for the week.

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