Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reminder of the gift

Every time I see this picture or even think about this picture, I get teary. Even now, I start tearing up just thinking about it. We were able to spend some time with Ashley, Landon's birth mom, in the hospital. She switched rooms a few hours after Landon was born. We walked down the hall to visit her and as we got closer I saw something on the door frame. When I was close enough to see it, I gasped and started crying. This simple picture on her door frame said it all. I was the recipient of her gift. Tears started rolling down my face (just as they are now). I walked down to the end of the hall and took a few minutes to compose myself before we went in to see her. This was another moment when the magnitude of the gift of adoption hit me.

Ashley is an amazing woman. She is strong, courageous, brave, selfless and wants only the best for her children. Every day I think of her and every day I talk to Landon about her. I talk to him about the amazing gift Ashley gave us. Because of her, I am a mother. Because of her, Ryan and I have a son. Because of her Landon will have two mothers who love him. Because of her, Landon has life.

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Linda said...


Encontre su blog en su facebook, espero que esta bien :)...I just think that Landon is so blessed to have you as her mother!