Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good news...I don't have pneumonia

Two week update...

So Colorado weather is somewhat weird. Last Monday the high was 46 degrees and there was still snow on our front yard, today it was 84 and felt like it was almost summer again. On Wednesday we took a break from the back yard and worked on the front. Ryan raked the entire tree-ful of leaves that fell on our yard in about 3 days into several piles and then when I got home we put them into bags. Longmont is really good about recycling and almost any kind of waste disposal, each household can get 15 of these really big paper bags and then put them out on the designated day when the city comes around to pick them up. Our entire yard and half the street full of leaves only filled 7 bags. Currently the bags are sitting in our garage until our pick up day on Nov 2. And since the leaves were wet, our garage now stinks pretty bad.

Our sand box is just about empty. Ryan moved the last bits of sand to the garden area. We have almost completely finished picking up rocks out of our back yard. We've tilled just about every inch of it and gone through and picked up the rocks that we're buried a couple inches below the surface. We've found all sorts of things; peanuts, pecans, walnuts, tennis balls 6 inches underground, a Halloween skull ring and lots of old nails. Even though I was deathly ill, I went out and picked up rocks for 3 hours last Saturday afternoon. I just had to get it done and a fever, earache and coughing wasn't going to stop me.

So the good news is I don't have pneumonia. I've never had a chest X-ray before so that was another first. They asked if I was possibly pregnant. I said no. Then I got to hug the x-ray machine.

They offered me a prescription for narcotics, but I decided that NyQuil and Tylenol were working fine for me so no need for that.

I stayed on the couch until Thursday morning when I went to work. I was doing better until I spent Thursday and Friday at work. There are so many chemicals in the air there, it made it hard for me to breathe again and I started coughing worse. I refused to let housekeeping do more than sweep my floor as I was making my office a chemical free zone. I would have stayed home longer, but I was not about to waste any more of my vacation days to be sick. I hate not having sick leave.

Ryan started feeling not well, but it was just lack of good sleep as he is doing well and so far has not succumbed to this.

I'm still coughing and I'm pretty sure I coughed my left lung up at work and I'm about to cough up my right lung any minute.

The worst part is I had to cancel my trip home for the girls weekend. I'm terribly upset about that. Especially when Abby called and starting singing tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 inches of snow and 2 inches of leaves

We realized we haven't given a book report in a while so here it is. I read a book Amy (my SIL) let me borrow, Darcy's Story. It's about Mr. Darcy and his take on everything that happened in Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen). It was okay, there was no intrigue about what was going to happen because I knew the story. But it was still a good lunchtime read. I checked out another Shannon Hale (Austenland, Princess Academy) book on CD. I'm loving it. Makes me want to get to work early to listen to a bit more of it. It is called Goose Girl.

Ryan is extremely into the book the Hunger Games. He devoured it in 3 days. It's the first book in a trilogy but only the first two books are out and he is #16 on the waiting list for the second book.

Last Friday night it started snowing. We thought it was supposed to be a small fall storm, just a skiff of snow on the ground. Oh how we were wrong. We woke up Saturday morning to 4 inches on snow.

Then after it stopped snowing all the leaves on our tree fell. By the end of the day, you couldn't even see the snow beneath the leaves I attached a picture of our neighbor's snowy yard and then a picture of our front yard. At least we only had to rake the leaves once this year. But we had to wait until the snow melted.

Our neighbors snowy yard.

Our snow with a layers of leaves on top

Saturday when Ryan went to work, I took off toward Boulder for some much needed retail therapy. Just kidding, my retail therapy was going to Joann's. It was the Columbus day sale and the clearance fabrics were on clearance. I only needed 1/4 yard and so it cost me $.38 for each different fabric. I got some of the ugliest fabric ever, but will look so awesome in the I-spy quilt. I'm way excited about that and it got me thinking about projects again. I haven't made a project since the middle of May except for the Levi quilt which is now residing in Connecticut. Lara or Erin asked me what project I was working on and I didn't have an answer. For so long our life has revolved around the backyard. I decided it was time to get back into my projects. I'm excited to start my list of fun projects for this winter.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Musically Inclined

Carrie is a pretty good piano player but for some reason that is the end of her musical abilities. For her birthday in July I got her tickets to go see Wicked in October. For a while now she's been listening to the Wicked soundtrack so she'll know the songs before we go see it (we have seen it before in LA and she loved it so much she wanted to see it again). The other night Carrie tried to sing me part of the the song "Popular" and she got as far as, "popular.......lar." Occasionally she'll be able to come up with a random phrase from one song or another but for some reason she can't remember the words or tunes to the songs.

The reason why I bring all this up is because she informed me that I had let the John Denver version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" stay for long enough and it needed to be changed, she couldn't take it any more. It brought back nice memories for me because I remembered my dad playing a John Denver record that had that song and "Country Roads." She prefers the version from Armageddon which I don't care for.

She's got about 2 more weeks until we go to Wicked again so maybe the new music will help her learn more than 1 phrase.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

burning eyeballs

Update on Ryan's experiment with the jalapeno peppers. That night he had a hard time taking his contacts out. Could it have been the jalapeno pepper juice soaked into his skin? The next morning i was startled awake at 6am by a very loud scream from the bathroom. Ryan had put his contact in his eyeball and it was burning so he was trying to get it out. Let's just say he didn't see well the rest of the day out of that eye. I so want to say a certain few words here, words like I told you so, but I won't. Being partially blind is enough of a reminder to ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN CUTTING JALAPENO PEPPERS. Ryan does insist however, that I include the fact that his hands never hurt, just his eyeballs and the wasted pair of contacts that had to be thrown away.

We celebrated Ryan's birthday last week. I came home from work about 10:30 and we worked outside clearing rocks the rest of the day. We got a lot done and Ryan did ask to work in the yard for his birthday. After that, we cleaned up and headed to the movies. We saw The Surrogates. It was better than I thought it would be. And the theater was sooo unbelievably empty for a Wednesday early evening. When we got home there was a package waiting on our doorstep so he even got to open a package on his early birthday. I made brownies for his cake, but we didn't do candles. I gave Ryan a cord that connects the computer to the TV so we can watch movies on our big Craig's list TV.

We decided to clear the rest of the rock in the backyard before it snowed. I was not looking forward to this at all and neither was Ryan. But we managed to get it done in 3 days! It was amazing how quickly it went. The missionaries came over to help us - got to love the free labor- and they helped dig up the old broken sprinkler lines.

We have found several different cables running int he backyard. It looks like the cable company just ran another line each time one got cut. We've found 3 so far. We decided to just bury the working line ourselves, then we can put it where we want it and not mess up our yard. It's obvious they aren't going to remove it since we have tons of old cables buried deep and some not so deep.

The frost killed our garden. October 1st and our garden was dead. We still need to clear it off, but there is only so much room in our trash can.

On his actual birthday, we didn't get to see each other, but he did have his good friend from Ogden stop by. Jeff was here for the Broncos Cowboys game and stopped here to see our house and go to lunch. At least he got to see somebody on his birthday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ryan's birthday

It was Ryan's birthday this week. I have very few pictures of him when he is young, but I love the pictures I have. Isn't he cute?

He is the greatest husband I could ever have. He is my best friend and makes me unbelievably happy.

So happy to be married to him for 9 fabulous years! So happy I get him for eternity!