Monday, September 14, 2009

10 days ago

I should have written this post 10 days ago when the girls left. But, we were tired, exhausted, sleepy, worn out and remininsicing about all the fun times we had during this trip.

On their last day, they watched Harry Pothead 3 while Ryan made a big breakfast for them. They got all packed up and started their scrapbooks. Ryan set them up in my craft room and suggested a Harry Pothead marathon (of 1, 2 and 3 only) since I have a TV in my craft room.

The made fabulous scrapbook pages and went home with their scrapbook mostly done. I also introduced them to one of my favorite movies "North Avenue Irregulars".

One of our top secret projects was a levi quilt. I picked up the flannel a few years back thinking it would be perfect for this. The girls helped me put it on the quilt frames and then tie it. It was fun pointing out which squares were from Lindsay, Luke, my Grandpa Beck, my padre, Ryan, and some of my pants. The four big pocket a squares in the center are from mine and Ryan's pants. So we hope the entire Connecticut family enjoys this.

Another one of the projects we did was bags. The girls saw a bag I had made like this and they wanted to make one as well. We went through my scrap boxes and found some fabric that each liked. I made skirts out of both the fabrics that the girls chose. Should have taken a picture of them with their bag and me in my skirt. :) The girls helped me lay it out, then cut it out, pin it and sew it.

Audrey and her green bag

Tessa and her melon colored bag

The next morning Ryan took them to the airport while I headed to work. What a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing your girls with us and you can send them back anytime you want!

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