Sunday, June 28, 2009

Face lift

I've been experimenting a little bit, trying to remember the little I did learn in my Java class 5 years ago. So with Ryan's help, I've given the blog a little face lift. It might stay, it might change...I'm not sure.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chopped again

Ryan absolutely loves long hair. Perhaps it is because when he first met me, I had really long hair, just about down to my waist. I kept it long until 3 months before we got married and then I cut off 8 inches. Then I cut it again right before our wedding to shoulder length. Two months after our wedding, I cut it to my chin. I loved it. He did not. Fast forward 4 years. We are living in Ogden now going to school. I decide to follow my sisters and I cut off 13 inches for Locks of Love. We went to dinner after my haircut and he didn't want to sit across from me and look at my lack of hair. It was harder for him than I thought. It grows back and two years later I do the same thing. Whack!!! This time, it was a little too short. I mean they shaved my neck. But it grew and to make it up to Ryan, I gave him a bonus year. I told him I wouldn't chop my locks for 3 years. That brings us to February 2009. I warn him that in a couple of months, I'll be chopping my locks. I decide to wait until after our anniversary trip as some sort of apology for having to cut my hair. But the truth remains, I like short hair and he likes long hair. For now our compromise works.



I'm lovin' it...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Menu for an ovenless house

So for Father's day this year I decided to surprise Ryan. I was thinking about his favorite foods and what I could make without an oven. He loves yummy potatoes, but how do I make those without an oven? Then I remembered I had a crock pot recipe for yummy potatoes. I also made strawberry lemon jello and Chicken and Leeks. He was completely surprised. So surprised he didn't even see his present on the table. He was really in need of a longer extension cord so I got him a 100ft one. Hope it is long enough to reach the far back corners of our yard. I know it is not a "fun" gift, but he needs it and it will make his life easier.

On our trip to Utah, Ryan randomly picked out a couple books on tape to listen to. I usually sleep most of the way since I kill myself work 13 hour days before we leave. Well, this trip was different. I still worked the long days, but I stayed awake most of the drive to Utah. I got sucked into his book. Let me explain that Ryan and I do not usually share the same taste in books. He likes Harry Pothead, Eragon, Artemis Fowl, the fantasy genre. Not me, I like a good historical fiction, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, etc. This book called "Airborn" was amazingly good. He got it off the refile shelf in the youth section of the library. That's how he picked it. It's clean and addicting. I'm listening to the second book right now and Ryan is reading the 3rd book. We both highly recommend these to anyone (written by Kenneth Oppel).

It rained almost every day this week. Our backyard is a jungle. Even our pile of gravel is covered in weeds. We've spent most of the time this week weeding until it starts raining. The good thing is all the rain keeps the ground soft so the weeds pull out easier and we still have not had to water our front lawn. I weeded on the south side of our house and discovered our rose bushes are not dead. We have beautiful red roses and pink roses and white roses.

We were invited to dinner by some friends this week. For dinner, we made our own personal sized pizzas. It was nice because we both like different things on our pizza so we got to put all the things on we wanted (Ryan - olives, me - tomatoes, peppers). Ryan went to Mt. Sac with William and then we met them both in adoption classes in California. Then Ryan ran into them in Oklahoma and found out they were going to Denver as well. They just bought a house across town. It's fun to have someone here we know and an added bonus for us, they can commiserate in the woes of infertility.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Beck Bash - Part 2

We had the annual gun show and shoot-out. I didn't even shoot my own gun this year. Kevin got Cresy a 20 gauge shotgun and I liked that much better than my bigger 12 gauge. I hit more clay pigeons with the 20 gauge than last year with my own gun. I also loved Trent's new gun. It is a 22 semi-automatic pistol. I wouldn't mind owning one of those and neither would Ryan for that matter. It was awesome to aim and knock the cans down. My aim has improved quite a bit. (Perhaps because I wore my glasses shooting this year?) Are you ready for a ton of pictures?

We have different spots on the ranch for the different targets. We have the spot where we launch the clay pigeons - it's over a pond so they disintegrate very easily. Except the pond was completely dried up this year.

Cresy with her gun that we all loved and used.

Ryan and Padre aiming, Kade is just wishing he could run the launcher.

Our new location. We used to shoot a ways down, but after several years, we had hit the fence enough that the barb wire snapped. Padre built a berm to keep his fencing safe. We drew targets on boxes, set up cans and got ready to shoot.

The girls taking aim.

The onlookers

Cresy and me - side note I was mocked all weekend for this shirt. This lovely grey/green stripe shirt has been floating around our family for at least 15 years. Somebody got it in a box of hand-me-downs. It used to have matching green knit shorts. Cresy wore it, then Lara wore it, I'm not sure who else wore it, but I needed an old shirt so I took it about 5 years ago. It's my "I don't care what happens to it" shirt. It has holes from being caught on barb wire, it has paint from painting projects. As ugly as it is, it fits good and if it gets ruined, everyone will probably celebrate the death of the shirt that will not die.

Erin - she has the best aim out of all of us girls.

Kevin and Padre. He loves his guns, especially when he can aim and shoot from a lawn chair.

The set-up

Kevin and Cresy - parents to the most adorable kiddos on earth.

Ralphina and Madre.

And my youngest brother Kade. He is also wearing a shirt that we mock him for. He said he only uses it to avoid a farmer tan. Hmmmmm.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Beck Bash - Part 1

We had another successful Beck Bash. We left at 6am and made it there with only a 5 minute gas stop and pulled into the ranch at 12:55pm. 6 hours 55 minutes. Crescent brought her kiddos and came out early with Erin for some extra time with their out-of-state aunt. Thanks Cresy!

My sister Crescent, mother to the absolute cutest kids on earth.

Me with Princess Abby.

Caleb - the kid loves to be sitting up at all times.
Every time we went outside, it started to rain. Our shoot-out ended due to rain, our resort pond play ended due to rain, our hot dog roast ended due to rain. My dad is a certified rainmaker. When he cut the acres and acres of hay, there was no rain in the forecast. As soon as he cut it, it rains everyday for 5 days with no end of rain sight.
Ryan took over the piano room and turned it into computer city. He played games and then performed maintenance on the family computers.

We went to the church two nights for volleyball. We haven't played family volleyball since 2005 when the family lived in Bluffdale. It was a blast. The little kids were no longer little and we added 2 more hubbies to the teams. And we actually had some great plays and moves with few injuries. Abby stayed home with the and played with Grandpa and Caleb sat quietly in his seat in a nearby classroom. It would have been too dangerous for him on the stage. We had some wild balls flying all places.

Mom made some arrangements to go to a local resort and use their pond/lake. We had a bunch of rafts and inner tubes and we paddled around the pond until it started raining and got really windy. It would've been awesome if the wind and rain had stayed away. We had enough rafts and inner tubes for everyone, the water was murky, but not too deep. The boat house had some oars we borrowed and there was an awning for shade.

My sister Alisa, also known as Ralph, Ralphy, Ralphina, etc.

My sister Lara

My sister Erin sporting the Barbie life jacket I bought for Abby.

Trent, Lara and Alisa
Trying to maneuver around the pond

Me with Abby

Plus, it was free! Okay, it was resort a while back, then it was a group home for delinquent boys, then that went under and it has been abandoned for a while. But we had a great time and we got to ride in Dad's new fancy truck.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

I'm not sure if I have any pictures of Ryan before age 5 and so when Ryan's cousin, Jenna tagged me with these, I was ecstatic! I didn't even recognize Grandma Jacobs. It was so fun to see Ryan as a cute little baby. Hope you enjoy these and a big thanks to Jenna for sending them to me.
Ryan's the cute one on the left with his eyes wide open.

Braden, Ryan's brother, was in town last week. It was a little sad as this was his last business trip to Denver. He spoiled us rotten and took us to dinner every night. We tried a new place and went back to a favorite. Wished we could have spent more time with him, it was just bad timing with the other junk going on in our life. Ryan took him to the batting cages one day and said Braden hit like a girl. At least we were lucky enough to have him visit us 5 times in the past year. Thanks Cigna! Feel free to reassign him to another Denver project at anytime.

Ryan and I have been busy working on the yard and garden. We have had tons of rain and so our backyard again looks like a forest of weeds. It's a love/hate relationship with the rain. It's nice for the garden and front lawn, but it makes the rest of the backyard a dense forest of weeds. Ryan's going to mow it, then we will spray and hopefully kill it off again. We'll probably being spraying and killing it many times before we are ready to put in the lawn.

Our garden is progressing fair, considering the nasty soil. It will probably take loads of sand and manure and years of picking up rocks to transform it into an optimal gardening soil. Good thing we can improve it every year. Now our raspberry plot is different. Once we plant the berries, they are in. Sure we can add manure to the top, but there is no digging the soil up again and working it. So we are spending extra time preparing it for years of good harvesting. We bought more manure. I know, laugh all you want. I buy manure. As soon as we have a truck, I'm going to get it for free somewhere are haul it back here.

I listened to 2 books at work the past few weeks, Hattie Big Sky and Listening for Lions. Hattie is about a 17 year old orphan that goes to Montana to homestead her uncle's claim. Lions is about another young girl that is orphaned in Africa. This is my favorite new book. They were excellent books and I would highly recommend them to anyone over age 8. They are both from the teen section because I got tired of the junk in adult books. And it got a little embarrassing when people would walk in the office and Nicholas Sparks was gushing about emotions and love and touching.

We went garage sale browsing last weekend. I found some fabulous buys. I got a fisher price farm set for $4! It's huge compared to the one currently selling in stores. It has 4 horses, 2 pigs, 4 sheep, 5 cows, 3 people, rooster, chicken, tractor, trailer and a fabulous barn.

I'm such a sucker for kid toys. I have boxes and boxes of toys I hope to be able to use someday. We also found some life jackets for $2 for the lake/pond play at the ranch.