Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9 inches in 6 hours

So Braden arrived in town and came up to our house. He helped Ryan put in a light switch in our closet. It's so nice to not have to reach on my tip toes and pull a string to be able to see my clothes. Thanks Braden! We had some nice dinners. In fact, we spent 3 hours at Golden Corral, but the sad part is I was there for 3 hours, but I only had 1 plate of food and 1 plate of dessert. I know, you guys are disappointed in me. All that time spent talking and not stuffing myself. It was good food.

So in the three weeks of visitors, I managed to gain back all 5 pounds I had lost in February. Thanks for your help with that.

So we have been told that Denver gets the most snow in March and April. We didn't really believe it. Well one day we were expected to get 12 inches in 6 hours. It was crazy how much snow was coming down. At one point, it was a total whiteout. You couldn't see anything more than 5 feet in front of you. They sent everyone home from work that wasn't providing direct care to the residents. I stayed. I wasn't going to use my precious time off work on a snow storm. I only live 1 mile away. No matter how much it snowed, I could always walk home. It was actually a good day at work. I got so much done. And it was Taco Salad day at work which is my favorite meal there.

We ended up getting like 9 inches in 6 hours. There was so much snow.
Side note - Ryan "checked out" on his first area. that means he passed his first area. Only 3 more to go until a big raise.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Drinking money?

On St. Patrick's day, my work had a costume contest. I dug out my Ireland wig/hat and my Ireland socks which I had never worn and went to work. After a not so close vote, I was declared the winner of the St. Patrick's Day Costume contest. And they gave me $25 as a prize. They said it was my beer money. Little do they know what I'm really going to do with that money. Shoes, fabric...options are endless. Probably something practical like groceries or toilet paper.

Ryan's parents arrived on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, Ryan took them on a tour of his work. They got to see what he does and listen in to real controllers controlling traffic. Then we went to see the movie Race to Witch Mountain.

On Thursday we were planning to go down to Colorado Springs to ride a train to the top of Pike's Peak. That morning we called the phone number to get a weather report for the top of the mountain and found out the tickets were sold out. The recording said that they do take some people on stand-by but we weren't sure if we wanted to drive all the way just for a chance of getting on. We decided to give it a try and ended up getting tickets. It was a nice clear cold day. The train ride up had some awesome views. The top was so windy and cold, but there was a great view.

The train ride down was not nearly as enthralling. We had a hard time keeping our eyes open.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beck Girls Gala

Things have finally returned to normal after our visitor filled month. The Beck Girls had a fabulous time. We cooked lots of good food, saw some crazy weird modern art at the Denver Museum of Art, We did one of our favorite activities - DI shopping, except we went Goodwill shopping. We got some good buys and it was so much fun to be shopping again all together. We loaded up the carts with good finds. The greatest thing is if it doesn't fit you, just pass it to someone else since we are all about the same size.

Our Colorado Springs trip was most excellent. My favorite part was stuffing all 7 of us with the playpen in one hotel room. Who wants to pay for two when we can scrunch into one! Between someone's snoring, Alisa and Lara sleep talking and Abby making her noises, some slept well and others didn't. We woke up to some snow on the ground, but it quickly melted away. One of our favorite places was the Olympic Training Center.

We got a tour and actually got to see the Men's gymnastic team working out. Then we saw the women's wrestling team. Who know women's wrestling was even a sport? Not me. We took a quick trip over to Manitou Springs so the girls also sampled the mineral water and had the same reaction I did. Yuck! Abby was mostly cooperative although she picked this week to become a Mama's girl. It was a bit difficult for Cresy to carry her around seeing as she was 36 weeks pregnant.

Ryan babysat Abby so the girls could go to Denver to the Mint and the Capitol since I had to work in the morning. He changed his first diaper ever. Only a wet one, but still a diaper. He also shared his toys with Abby. Her favorite toys were the little Star Wars chubby toys. She carried them around in her little purse. She would pull out Jabba the Hut and move his arms like he was waving and say Hi. It was the cutest. It was sad to see them all leave. Abby loved playing with all the balloons leftover from Valentines day. And I introduced her to her new favorite fruit kiwi. I really hope we can do it again soon. Makes we wish we lived closer to la familia.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More than enough baby blankets

Not too much happened this week, mostly just preparing for house guests. I did make really good progress with my project goal, this week I finished 6 baby blankets. I wanted to give Abby a choice of quilts, I didn’t think that the 7 she had to choose from were enough so I made 6 more. OK, really my sewing machine never really got fixed so I had to take it back in. I have to complete a project every six days to meet my goal so the only thing I had left with was quilting. The only bad part about working on the quilts is that Ryan has banished the quilt frames to the basement because they take up our entire front room when they’re set up upstairs. So after I finish these quilts, I look at them and I want to keep them all. Maybe someday I'll get to use some of them for one of our babies :) If not, it will be fun to give them away to friends and family.

Ryan worked on building another set of shelves for our food storage. He hopes that they’ll be done before anyone gets here. He also cut down one of the four low branches from the tree in our front yard. The tree had four branches that were all very low, each one pointed exactly north, south, east and west. This week the north facing branch was cut down but over the next few weeks they’re all going to go.

I watched the BBC version of Crime and Punishment this week. I don’t think I’ll ever read the book, watching the movie was enough for me. It just wasn't my kind of book/movie. I also watched Singing in the Rain, it put me to sleep.

Ryan had his second dodgeball match this week. He didn’t even know exactly how the games were scored but after they played five games the referee stopped refereeing. Then they started mixing up teams a little and Ryan was like, what’s going on? They play to the best 5 out of 9 games and Ryan’s team had won 5-0. Ryan was also happy that he got his trainer out twice during their match (yes his trainer is a girl but he said it doesn’t really hurt when you get hit).
Next week all of the Beck girls will be writing their weekly emails from my front room.