Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There's a first time for everything

On Friday night I babysat for a family in the ward while they fulfilled our temple assignment (since Ryan was working). They left me some money for pizza. The kids are 5 and 3 and I tried to make pancakes for them, but they insisted you only eat pancakes for breakfast and that is not a dinner food. Poor kids, they are missing out on breakfast for dinner. So I ordered pizza online and had it delivered. I have never ordered pizza for delivery before. Are you supposed to tip delivery drivers? I didn't know. My total was 19.26 so I gave him the $20. Ryan just informed me that as a former pizza delivery guy, yes, you are supposed tip. Oh well, that's why I've never order delivery pizza.

I read/watched Jane Eyre a while ago and like it so I decided to try Wuthering Heights. I had heard about it, and it seems like I have heard frequent references to Heathcliff. Ryan suggested I watch the movie before I invest time in reading the book. WORST MOVIE/BOOK EVER! How can it even be considered a classic? I hate the storyline, it was about one guy trying to destroy everyone around him. Who wants to read/watch that? I know I am a "happily ever after" idealist, but I can handle a movie that doesn't end happy, but nothing about this movie was good. Just my opinion...

Ryan started playing in a dodgeball league on Tuesday nights. He invited me since it was co-ed, but I like playing for fun, not with guys who just want to win. He really loved it, but was sore for the next 3 days. But it's good exercise for him. His trainer at the FAA (Amber) is the one who actually organizes the league.

Ryan organized the garage a little bit more. He hung our bikes up in the rafters by hooks which cleared up a lot of room in the garage. It was hard to squeeze into our cars with bikes on both sides of the garage.

Hilarious little story - I had some neighbors came over this weekend for a quick visit while Ryan was at work. When Ryan's at work, I don't heat the house. We turn the heat down to 55 each night when we go to bed and I never even turn on the heat when he is gone. I just turn on the portable space heater in my project room and I keep myself busy in there the whole time is gone. I see no reason to heat 2200 square feet when I'm only using 100 sq feet. The gas bill has done down and the electric bill has stayed the same so it seemed to work. So the lovely ladies came over and I just explained that I'm sorry it was so cold, but I only heat the 1 room when I'm home alone. One them commented "well if that's what you have to do to make ends meet". I tried not to laugh until they were gone. We can afford to heat our house, we just choose to keep it a little cooler and save some money. Now we're waiting for the relief society to show up on the doorstep with a basket of canned goods and a concerned phone call from the bishop.

My sewing machine became possessed again this week. It started sewing on it's own again. It's a little frustrating because I just took it in 1 month ago to get that fixed, but apparently he didn't replace the part, just the cord. he said he was trying to save me some money. My frustration is that I have a schedule of completing a new project every 6 days and this delay is causing my stress level to increase slightly...

I did finish quilting my tree skirt that I first started in 2001. Yes, 8 years ago. It turned out pretty cute and I even put it on and spun around just like we used to do when we were little. I am about out of projects that I've started and never completed. I mean I have boxes of projects that I've never started, but my 1/2 finished projects are almost completely finished.

It's a reversible tree skirt:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My own personal handyman

So this week Ryan surprised me on Tuesday when I came home. He had put on an extra shelf in my closet so now I have two rows of shelves above my hanging clothes. He loved the use of space so much that two days later, he put up one just like it on his side.

Due to work schedules, we don't see each other on Friday. So on Friday, I came home from work to find a trail of balloons that led me downstairs to the bathroom. The entire room was filled with balloons. He had my favorite pink cookies on the counter. He even got a blister on his hand from tying up so many balloons. There must have been at least 100 balloons.

He called me later that night and asked if I found his present. I said yes, I love the cookies. He said that was just a treat, I had to dig deeper in the balloons. I went back down and dug around and found a bathroom rug that I had been looking ever since we moved here. I didn't want to pay the $12 for it. He found it on clearance for $5. I love my bargain shopping husband :)

We were anxiously awaiting our annual valentines from Logan. As always, the highlight of February. Thanks Erin.

Despite rumors, I do NOT have a chain to count down the days til the arrival of the Beck Girls. I do however, daily tell Ryan how many days until he will be outnumbered. 2 1/2 weeks until the Beck Girls Gala in case you can't tell I'm so looking forward to it!

On Saturday night after he got off work at 9pm, I picked him up and we went to our Stake Adult Valentines Day dance. It was an Asian theme and was decorated extremely well. We had some appetizers, sampled the chocolate fountain and danced to a few songs. We should have taken a picture there, but we forgot the camera. So we took one at home.

Anyone want to play a new game? It's called how many miles are on your vehicle? I think Ralphie is the only one without a vehicle right now - so sad Ralph, maybe you can count the miles on your bike, oh wait, you don't have one of those either. Or Ryan says that next time you are on the bus you can ask the driver how many miles the bus has.
Anyways, let's see who has the most miles...There's really no reason for Madre, Trent or Padre to play the game. It must be really embarrassing to have a car with such low mileage on it, especially in our family.

So it looks like that dates for the Beck Bash are set. June 10 - 13th at the Ranch. I've heard rumors of a demolition derby, monster backhoes smashing Plymouth acclaims, air bag demonstrations, and target practice on shard-proof glass and maybe a camping trip if with the canoe we were gifted from our Vawdrey Grandparents. It is going to be the best one yet.

So this summer is going to be pretty busy. We are finalizing our summer plans now. Between the annual Beck Bash, Jacobs reunion, My Vawdrey Grandparents 60th anniversary party for all 120 of their posterity, it's been quite the ordeal to try and arrange it all. We have come up with a plan. Our weeks are now based on Ryan's training schedule so we consider the weeks to run from Wednesday to Tuesday.

I read a sequel to Pride and Prejudice this week. It is called Desire and Duty. It was written by some random couple. It was pretty good. I also finished Emma this week. Not my favorite Austen book, but it was better than the movie.

I finished 4 projects this week. 3 of them I had been working on for 3 years or more. At least I'm getting a lot done with all of my alone time. Although Ryan is ready to have you girls come visit so he can get out of fabric/craft consulting duty.

My winter home crafts

A bag holder for all those plastic bags

On Wednesday afternoon (Saturday for Ryan) we went to Walmart to go grocery shopping. We pulled in and the parking lot was full. Ryan commented, "that's what we get for trying to come here on Saturday". I had to gently remind him that it was only Wednesday. As we did our grocery shopping we noticed that the only other people shopping there were either old or weird. Normal people don't go to Walmart at 1:00 pm on a Wednesday I guess.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Denied Entry

I was cleaning out the fridge and I found a bowl full of Potato and Leek soup. Cresy, I'll save it for a few more weeks until you are here. Madre - Ryan gently reminded me that we have a turkey in the freezer. He reminded me that I said I would have you teach me how to cook a turkey when you are here. So I reworked the menu. Let's cook it the first day and get it over with, what do you say?

Tuesday was free day at the Denver Children's museum. We got up to the door and they told us that we cannot go in unless we have children. Guess we missed that in the fine print. So any of you that have children and would like to come visit us on the first Tuesday of the month and would be interested in letting us borrow your children to gain entrance to a museum, we would be very appreciative.

I, or we, made a blanket this week. It was Ryan's Christmas present. He picked out the fabric and helped me tie it. Little Einstein's..."We're going on a trip in our little rocket ship"...

I was asked to speak at a Youth Activity this Wednesday and I need your help. I was asked to speak on how I prepared mentally and emotionally for a mission. I can't say I really ever thought about that when I was getting ready. Any advice on what to share? Please respond by Tuesday as I have to do this on Wednesday.

Yesterday was our Stake Relief Society event. It was a big day of about 10 different service projects. About a month ago, they asked me to be a chairperson. I was in charge of making these fleece pillowcases for a special ed preschool. Basically, no one came to my group so I made the pillowcases myself. I can't really blame them, the other groups were all in the gym together where people could chat and I was off in a classroom off to the side. But they did turn out really cute.

Ryan started his shift work this week and and really likes his work. His trainer is named Amber and she just came back from maternity leave. His secondary trainer is Josh and he used to have a mohawk, a really big one. Both of them have a combined total of 2 years and 4 months of being CPC's (certified professional controllers). So it's like the new guy training the newer guy. But he says that Amber is really good at what she does.

Both of us got quite a few projects done around the house. It's like Cresy said, you can get a lot done when you are home alone.

I ended up getting a few more applications for the job. The final number was 64. I decided on one. She starts tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

56 applications

So after several weeks of super long posts this is going to be short (for you Erin).

I had a new part time position approved in my department. I received 56 resumes and applications. A lot of the applicants had sad stories where either they or their spouses had lost their jobs. I ruled one out for dressing inappropriately for an interview (wearing Levi's to an office job interview???). I ruled lots out due to lack of attention to detail and not being able to follow instructions. There is a section of our application that asks you to list 2 references. It specifically says, no personal or family references. I had probably 10 applications that listed friends and family in that area. They were automatically ruled out. I have done 11 interviews so far, I have one more tomorrow. It’s a pretty close race between 3 of the applicants.

Ryan and I went to the American furniture warehouse on Saturday. It’s here in town and it’s huge. It was fun to look around and show him what my ideas were and he showed me what he wants. It’s probably years away, but it was fun to look around and imagine the possibilities.

Have I mentioned how magnificent our Longmont library is? I checked out a DVD (Forsyte Saga) and really liked it. I found out it was a series, and our library had the next two, but they were lost. We went in and they said if they couldn't find them then they were order them again for me. Ryan also took in a list of books he wanted them to order. We love our library. I read the new Jason Wright book called Finding Charlie. This week I want to read the new Richard Paul Evans book, Grace. I also checked out 2 Elizabeth Gaskell books (She wrote Wives and Daughters). I also watched 4 Miss Marple DVD’s. I haven’t watched those before and I really enjoyed them. We are all about library. We go at least once a week and sometimes twice.

Last night about 5pm I decided to make a skirt. I finished it late last night. It was a new pattern I haven’t used before. I think it turned out okay.

Well, last month we did our first round (unsuccessfully) of the $1500 shots. It was 10 days of shots in the belly with every other day blood draws and doctors appointments. I put some serious mileage on the Geo driving down to Denver. Ryan gave me shots in my belly every night. The needles were smaller, but then it took longer to push the stuff in because the needle was so thin. The shots had some serious side effects that were not listed as side effects on the box. I was insanely tired. I was sleeping like 10 hours a night and I still couldn’t function at work. I was so tired all the time. And I felt so sore. Just painful to walk up and down stairs. Anyway, after 8 days of belly shots, we finished those and only had 1 hiney shot. We both forgot how much bigger that needle was and Ryan had a hard time getting that one in me. Needless to say my hiney was super sore for a few days and couldn't sit normal.

Our kitchen table became shot central with all our supplies and drugs.

We had the missionaries over for dinner. They stayed for more than 2 hours talking. Maybe they didn’t want to go out in the cold. I don’t blame them for not wanting to go tracting in sub-freezing weather.

Ryan should start his new schedule this week. He will have Wednesday and Thursday off. He works Friday 3pm-11pm ( We won’t see each other at all that day until he gets home at night). Saturday 1-9pm and Sunday 11-7pm. Monday and Tuesday he works 7-3pm. We met with the Bishop since our church meets at 11am. He said it’s fine for Ryan to go to the ward that meets at 9am so he can fit in almost 2 hours of church and I can go with him if I want. He just told us to pray about it and whatever answer we get is what we should do. Our ward is pretty familiar with Air Traffic Controllers schedules. They have had quite a few over the years in the ward. The other controller in the ward got Saturday and Sunday off. But maybe it’s better he did because they have 2 young kids and about to have a 3rd so it would be harder for her to go to church alone with the kids.

So this turned out to be a lot longer than I originally thought it would be. Sorry Erin, I tried. Our lives just have too much going on. Just kidding. (I have an intense desire to share every detail of my life)