Sunday, January 25, 2009

I only want it if it is 90% off

In my numerous months/years of writing a weekly email,/story/post, I never have received so many responses and opinions and advice as last week. Shoes are a hot topic. Even Padre chimed in, he said I should grow another foot.

For the last 3 years, Ryan and I spent this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Vawdrey in Indio. We both really looked forward to those weekends. We were a little bit sad to be missing that this weekend.

Madre - upon your recommendation, I checked out Wives and Daughters DVD (BBC version) and watched it. Maybe you read the book, I can't remember, but the movie was great. I really liked it. Very Jane Austen-ish. I'm going to read some of Elizabeth Haskell's other books. We'll see if they are just as good.

Monday we were so productive. It was probably one of Ryan's last holidays off work. Although it wasn't a holiday (no holiday pay) at my work so I only worked 6 hours and came home at 12:30. Instead of sleeping in, he got up when I left at 6:30 and before I got home from work, he had fixed the shelves in our storage room that the previous owner put in (not one of the shelves was level.) The one he had to replace is now straight and reinforced, but the others will work. I was so surprised he had finished that all when I got home. We spent the afternoon moving the last of our boxes from the family room downstairs to the storage room. We actually finally got rid of most of our empty boxes. We have had some of these boxes since our days in Provo. We saved a few of the good ones and stuffed them in the attic. Why do I have a hard time getting rid of empty boxes? Too much moving lately maybe?

At work I have been listening to Emma (Jane Austen). I would have to say it is probably my least favorite of the Austen books so far. I still like it, but I like the other ones better.

Saturday we had a few errands to run and went to Boulder (the importance of this is that Boulder is the home of the closest Joann's). We went in to take a look and saw the 90% off Holiday clearance aisles. There were several Christmas scrapbooking paper stacks. I took a few up the register and said "I only want these if they are 90% off" The guy responded "Well, we'll make sure they are 90% off". Lucky I got the manager and not just a regular employee. So basically, the stacks rang up at 17.99, regularly $29.99. He took 90% off the 17.99. I ended up paying $1.80 each! Ryan and I both had wide eyes as he made the adjustments. The rest of the day we were in a little bit of awe of the amazing deal! We got down the street and I went back to get more. The 2nd time, I paid $5.43 for 4 stacks. So I'm ready to make Christmas cards next year.

Today was Ward Conference. Last week they asked me to accompany a group singing a special musical number in Relief Society. I went to the practice on Tuesday night. The director could be the director of Mo-Tab. She was very dedicated to pronunciation and emphasizing certain words (not a bad thing, I just haven't accompanied for anyone in a long time and never for someone this musically inclined). They told me to be at church at 10:40 to practice. I walked in right at 10:40 and they were just finishing the practice. I guess the started early. Anyways, I screwed up music for the last phrase of the song and totally ruined the ending. I'm much better playing in Primary where nobody cares if you mess up.

I finally got to wear my black velvet jumper to church. Ryan really liked it, especially since he picked out the pattern. And I got to wear my fabulous Swarovski necklace that he gave me and my earrings that I bought in Austria.

Beck Girls Gala - The first Saturday you are here, it is free day at the Denver Art Museum. Anybody interested?

So I need to address the shoe situation. Okay, in my defense some of my shoes I have for a specific reason (like Ralphy has corn picking pants). I have navy pin striped pants so I keep these navy flats to wear with those pants. It's the only thing I wear them with as I certainly can't wear black shoes with navy pants can I? Plus they were only $2 at the DI.

4 of my shoes are in the costume box. (those shouldn't count in the 40 limit) I have my 2 pairs of shoes in my treasure box - My track shoes and my wedding shoes. Well on second thought, the junior prom shoes should probably go in the costume box as well. I might need to get rid of my free Niagara falls sandals if they count as well. So if those shoes don't count, I'm under the 40 limit. If they count, well, then I support Erin's amendment to raise the limit to 50 pairs of shoes. Also, to support my case, 50% of my shoes came from the DI and 25% from Cresy(free), several pair I bought while in Ireland. Too bad I didn't buy any shoes in Europe. Okay, everybody is probably sick of hearing about my shoes, but it's a hot conversation topic at the water cooler these days.

I've finished up a couple of other projects in my sewing room. I'm back on my 1 project every 6 days goal.

We got our last item for Abby this week, a baby gate. Our house is baby ready! So we are now ready for Abby to come (and everybody else). Less than 6 weeks until the Beck Girls Gala! Nobody is probably as excited as I am. It's almost all I think about (besides my shoes of course).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's talk about shoes

Let's talk about shoes. I used to have lots and lots of shoes. Whenever we went to the DI, I always went to the shoe department first, same thing at Ross. Shoes first. My sisters and I have a rule that we set years ago. You can only have 40 pairs of shoes. If you have more than that, you have to get rid of some. Flip flops count, but slippers do not. I would like to purpose an amendment to the shoe mandate. Flip flops should not count. Really, I'm over the limit and trying to justify it. I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in 8 months. This week I noticed a funny thing. I basically wear 3 pairs of shoes to work. Two of those, were hand me downs from Cresy, probably because she was over the 40 limit. And those 2 came from the DI. Oh how I long for the DI shoe section :) So Cresy, thanks for the tan simple shoes that have the tie on the side, the shoelace finally broke, but I salvaged it and I will continue to wear them almost every day. The black clompers also work well with my pants that are too long. Those shoes give me a good two more inches. Ryan just commented that I should get rid of a lot of shoes since I only wear about 3 pair. Seasonal shoes, buddy, you can't wear cute little flats or sandals in the zero degree weather and snow! I'm keeping my shoes now, all of them!

Ryan finished his academics at work on Friday. He should start in the simulator on Tuesday. We also had our home teachers come on Wednesday night. We haven't had home teachers since we lived in Provo, about 7 years ago. Well, we probably had them, we just didn't know who they were.

We spent some time in the basement finishing up some projects and cleaning up.

I had a doctors appointment on Monday morning. It started snowing about 5am and by 7am the roads were a mess. Due to budget cuts, they didn't have as many snowplows going. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there. It normally takes about 30 minutes. Then the doctor was also stuck trying to get there so then i waited another hour for him.

By the time I left, it was so sunny and the snow was melting away, but I still managed to spin around trying to stop at a light. We went to the bargain theatre on Saturday. We saw Valkyrie. We both actually really liked it. We both usually like the historical movies. Ryan said that he knew basically how it would end, but that he was still rooting for him all the way.

I can't think of anything else significant or even slightly boring. I mean, I spent a whole paragraph on my shoes.

Ryan has tomorrow off. Probably the last holiday he gets off for years. I'm working. Time and half makes it slightly less painful.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Legs of a zebra, body of a horse, head of a giraffe

Saturday was free day at the Denver Zoo. It was in the mid to high 30's when we arrived there, we saw the standard animals: bears, giraffes, elephants, lions etc. Plus we saw some new and strange animals, one that looked like it had the hind legs of a zebra with the body of a horse and the head of a giraffe. We got to see the gorillas during feeding time. To warm up we would go inside buildings that held the tropical animals, as soon as we got inside my glasses would fog up and I had to wait until they warmed up so I could see. We left at about 1:30 as the people started pouring in which just affirmed our theory that you have to get places as soon as they open to avoid the crowds, plus at the zoo the animals are awake and more mobile in the mornings, even the snakes were moving around a lot. We had the same luck at the LA zoo every time we went. Way less people and the animals are so active first thing.

On the way home from the zoo we picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop. Total repair cost: $5.71. I was only charged for the part, they didn't even charge for labor because it was so easy to fix.

Ryan was supposed to start his next phase of training on Wednesday then they told him they were going to start the following Monday and then when he went into work on Friday they said they were starting that day. He should be in the control room within 3 weeks.

Funny story - so I called home on Thursday afternoon asked Madre to call me back on Erin's cell phone. I waited and wait for about an hour for them to call me back, but they never did. I thought maybe they were low on minutes and couldn't call me back. I thought I might be getting a phone call at 9:01 that night, but they never called. Well on Saturday morning we had a voicemail wondering why we didn't want to talk to them and all this junk. So i called back. Come to find out, Erin said they had called me 5 times and got my voicemail all 5 times. It had my message on it. Come to find out, they were calling my QTC number (my California job). Apparently, my phone there still has my message. i wonder how many voice mails I have at QTC. Erin updated her phone book with my new work number. I had a good laugh at that.

Southwest is having a sale right now that ends on the 19th but fares from Salt Lake to Denver are $119 round trip (that's the total cost including taxes) you have to fly by April 30th, so if anyone wanted to fly out it's a great time to spend quality time with us. Can you tell we are desperate for a visitor?

We scored a sweet high chair for Abby from Craig's list this week and a playpen/portacrib. This week we are considering getting her a pony.

I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday so I got up and went into work at 5:30 and worked for 1 hour and then went down to the appointment and ended up working until 7:30 but it felt like I had been working for days.

This morning I had to go down to Denver to have my blood drawn. We (I say "we" but Ryan didn't really have to but he was just being very supportive) had to get up and leave by 6:15 because they will only do the blood draws between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning. We set the cell phone alarm to go off but the phone was on silent mode so we didn't wake up until 6:56. We threw on clothes and made it down there in 39 minutes. We never went fast enough to get a ticket because we passed no less than 5 cops waiting to pull people over, don't speed on Sunday morning in Denver. The lab technician that drew my blood was very nice and said it was OK that I was a little late. The frustrating part was that we had to make that big round trip drive to be there for a total of 4 minutes. I literally walked in, had my blood drawn immediately and walked out. I was done by the time Ryan had parked the car and walked in to meet me. Then we drove home, passed at least 5 more cops, got home ate some breakfast and went back to bed before church.

Monday, January 5, 2009

110 miles per hour

Monday night we were blessed with a night from the record books and not in a good way. We had wind up to 110 miles an hour here and it was loud. At times, I thought the roof was going to fall in. The tree right outside our window desperately needs pruning back was banging on the roof and the side of the house all night long. Neither of us slept more than a couple hours. Everyone at work the next day was out of it. Nobody had slept due to the high wind. The next day, the neighborhood was a mess. Everybody's trash & recycle cans had blown over and trash was all over the bushes and yards.

So then we heard on the news that Wednesday night was going to be the same thing. So we had a tough choice. pay like $500 to have someone trim our tree or acquire the means to do it ourselves. So Ryan bought a chainsaw on a stick and pruned the tree back. We still have some additional work to do on the tree, but on the 2nd night of wind, we both managed to sleep all night.

The next day Ryan went out and cleanup our trash cans and our trash that blew into the neighbors yard. So on the other side of our house, our other neighbors cans and trash had blown into our yard, on trash day, they retrieved their cans out of our bushes, but not their trash. So I went over to ask if they wanted the pile of scrap boards that ended up over there and this was interesting. I rang the bell and a girl about 10 answered the door. I asked if her parents were there. She said yes, shut the door and left me standing there. So after about 3 or 4 minutes I knocked again. This time a teenage girl answered the door. I again asked if her parents were home. She said yes, but she didn't want to come to the door. I said I lived next door and needed to talk to her. The daughter said, well she doesn't want to come to the door, she doesn't speak English. "That's fine, I speak Spanish, I need to talk to her". She finally came to the door and I introduced myself. I showed her what we were cleaning up and she said they wanted the boards, but then she left us out there cleaning up their garbage and pile of boards. Hmmm, not sure what to think about that. We'll have to get to know them better.

We had another semi-successful Craig's list week. Abby will be happy. We picked up 2 free umbrella strollers and a free crib mattress. Cresy - do you think she will sleep on the mattress just on the ground? I almost had a free portacrib, but someone else got it.

So on Saturday we were thinking of Trent, driving off to school for the first time. Was the drive lonely all by yourself? Did you cry when you left home? Maybe I should ask if the rest of the family was in tears when you left the ranch. Although the grocery expenditures will probably drop dramatically. Did we get you to the right ward?

So we had another illness in the family this week. It actually started about 6 months ago. My sewing machine starting acting up. It would keep sewing even though I took my foot off the gas pedal. But it only did it once in a while. But it started doing it more and more often. Finally about a week or so ago, it wouldn't stop unless I turned off the power. So i was trying to work on the Christmas tree skirt and I was sewing one stitch at a time. It took forever. So i took it in to get fixed this week. They knew exactly what was wrong. Something inside my foot pedal so I should get it back sometime this week. It was a lonely week without it.

I've been waiting for thread to go on sale. I have a bunch of almost finished projects that I ran out of matching thread. So it was 50% off plus I had a 10% coupon. So there I was in the store, with scraps of fabric that I should have made bigger, trying to match colors. Ryan was very patient with me. He just loves Joann's...... he did pick out wrapping paper that was on clearance. We found a couple of rolls of paper that aren't necessarily Christmas. He even found some BYU fleece (that we did not buy).