Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a free turkey

My work gave all employees a free 15 pound turkey. So Madre - when you come in March with the girls, I want you to teach me how to cook a turkey.

So my routine is to come home from work and immediately change into my thermals. I even wore them to work one day and I was nice and toasts warm all day. Ryan ordered me 3 more pair yesterday so that I can always be toasty warm in the frigid weather.

I went to an enrichment activity this week. I actually met a few people I could be friends with. While they talked about their kids a little bit, but we also talked about other things which was nice since I just start feeling sorry for myself when the kiddo talk goes on too long. It was a very nice night. We had bread bowls with lots of different kinds of soup ( I took Mitzi's soup) and then had several speakers. They asked for temples to display, so I finished my beaded temple and took that.

I finished Lara's scrapbook for the wedding reception. Well mostly, I just have to add the eyelets and brads, but my tools are somewhere in Utah so that will have to wait until our arrival. Lara - I did 10 pages and I have a couple more that I could throw together really quick if I were to get more pictures (hint, hint).

I also finished a skirt. Ignore the orange shirt and wool socks...

Last year,I convinced (bribed) Ryan to go to look at patterns with me. He went and was a very willing participant (wink, wink) and even suggested a pattern. Then he suggested velvet fabric. I showed him the price of velvet ($27.00 a yard) and we quickly decided on fake velvet that was only $5.00 a yard. I don't know if sewing on real velvet is any different than sewing on fake velvet, but I don't know that I would ever try and make something out of velvet/fake velvet again. It was so hard to work with. It kept sliding all over the place and I ended up using lots and lots of thread as I unpicked seam after seam after seam. Hopefully it will look okay in the end. I just have to hem it and it will be ready to go.

Ryan put together the my shelves I built in CA in the basement on Saturday and we moved boxes into the storage room. We are going to build some sturdier shelves to put our food storage on and he is fixing up the shelves that were already in the storage room. So our basement is almost cleared up of boxes ( we should have taken a picture - ask Madre and Trent how bad it was).

Ryan had some more interesting work developments. The government is making progress. They have eliminated training on the out of date systems. They guys who got trained 6 months ago were trained on stuff that isn't even relevant now with the new system. But they still had to be trained on it because it takes forever to change procedures. But somehow it happened and the net effect is that Ryan will start his training in the next month or two instead of 6-9 months. he's pretty excited about it. He has even stopped playing games at work and has gone back to studying his air space maps in anticipation of doing real work.

For those of you who have been following our garage door opener saga, Ryan found a free garage door opener on Craig's list this week. He brought it home on Friday and he is going to try and install it tomorrow. Logistically, it should be pretty simple. However, we have learned with most house things, nothing is ever as simple and easy as it seems it should be.

Utah in 17 days!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

7 weeks and 169 miles

Ryan had Tuesday off work for Veterans Day. He mowed the lawn and then I taught him how to winterize a lawnmower. He did a little yard work and organized our new workbench.

I was looking in my gas book for the Corolla this week and I was astonished. We last filled up 7 weeks ago and I still had 1/2 tank left. I had gone 169 miles. Gotta love my 2 mile commute (round trip).

Thursday morning we woke up to a very small layer of snow on our front lawn. It was only a little bit. Last year was a record year for snow here in Denver, just storm after storm. This year we tied for the latest first snowfall of the year. I wore my thermal underwear to work on Thursday. I think my body is having trouble adjusting to winter weather. I'm too used to So Cal winter's.

Saturday afternoon Ryan devoted several hours to helping Ralph and Trent. He researched a major and some classes for Ralphy and then planned Trent's first college semester. We wanted to sign Trent up for a vocal performance/theatre major, but we went with Engineering instead. We found a good place for him to live and a great class schedule.

I made a dress this week. It's super cute. It's black with red small stripes (Erin - when you get back, will you look for a red tank top to go beneath it or a short sleeve elastic neck shirt from Down East?)

I also started on Lara's scrapbook for her wedding reception. I realized I left more of my scrapbooking stuff in Utah than I thought. It makes me excited to start on my scrapbooking again.

So I made a list of projects that I have started, but not finished and then some projects that I have all the supplies for. Basically I made my "to-do" list for crafting. The list was overwhelming. I've set a new goal. I need to finish 1 project every six days...for the next 11 months. That probably won't happen, but I can try. I'm much better at things when I have a short term goal in mind. My project this week is Lara's scrapbook. And by Friday I should be on my next project.

Madre, Erin and Lara left for Chile this week. I wished I was with them, but we're saving for something else (adoption/invitro). Their luggage got lost in Lima Peru, so they have been 2 days without their luggage. It was supposed to be there today or tomorrow. It will be fun to hear their adventures especially since this is the first trip to South America for Madre and Erin.

Just a couple of clarifications from last week - We are not ashamed to shop at Walmart, I just have a sister who greatly dislikes that store and so we don't mention the name of the store when we shop there.

Clarification #2 - while last week Ryan did speak real air traffic control lingo, it was just once. He is still in "training". They have moved them from playing games in a room to watching other controllers on the floor. He said that some controllers let them do stuff and others not so much. So on Friday he had a meeting and they are trying to speed up the training and it looks like he might be able start his official training schedule (which means raises) in two months! And that's if everything went perfect and we all know how perfectly things run with the government.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ryan did 3 amazing things this week. #1 - He surprised me on Tuesday night. I came home from work and after about 10 minutes I noticed that he had hung up the vertical blinds in the kitchen. Gone are the faded nasty red curtains. I love the new blinds! So much easier to open and shut. #2 - He fixed the hot water tap in the laundry room so now we can wash our clothes in something other than cold. #3 - On Friday, at work, after six months of sitting there doing nothing, he actually spoke air traffic control lingo to an actual pilot in an airplane. He said "Continental 462 contact Denver Center 132.17". He was pretty excited.

When we went to vote, they wouldn't accept our out of state ID's as ID's. We had to run home and get our passports. Good thing we lived close.

I did a little project finishing this week. I made a canvas bag to put our sleeping bags in after those sleeping bags have spent 3 years in a stuff sack. Now they can be stored loose.

My sewing/crafting friend from California, Joan Cope, gave me some leftover flannel squares. When Mom was here, we laid them out and created a lovely set-up. I sewed it together this week and then spent some hours clipping the seams. In case you can't tell from the picture, it's a shag quilt. Isn't it cute? Completely free, all made from someone's scraps.

While we were grocery shopping at the store that starts with a W and ends with mart, they had their Halloween stuff 75% off. Ryan got a huge tube of candy corns for $.50. I made a cute Halloween decoration for $1.18. The broom was $.68 and the bow was $.50. What a bargain.

On Tuesday night I went and helped the Beehives in the ward with a sewing project. The Young Women are having a modest fashion show and the beehives were learning to sew and making the clothing. I helped a girl cut out a shirt. I wished we had gotten further. I would have loved to help her sew it.

It was my Grandpa's 80th birthday and my aunt came up with the best present ever for him. She had all his kids and spouses mail him a birthday card. Each grandchild sent him a birthday card and if the grandchild was married, the spouse also sent a separate birthday card. Then each family that had great grandchildren sent a birthday card. The day before his birthday he 21 cards. On his birthday he got 61 cards. It was pretty amazing and so simple for everyone to do but from what we hear, he loved getting over 80 cards for his birthday.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Christmas a little bit late, and a little bit early this year

What a fabulous weekend we had. I was counting down the minutes on Friday until Madre and Trent got here. Oh, it made me miss home so much more!

But some items of business...I have been meaning to write about this for two weeks now. How I could forget, I do not know. You all know by now my feelings on animals indoors. It is just not right. I do not like it at all. So that also translates to my feelings about animals in work. I tolerate the dogs at work, but I do not like it one bit. I hate having dog hair all over my pants because dog hair just attaches to everything in the facility. Ugh! One morning at work, we opened up our office door and literally right in our doorway, somebody's dogged pooped a big old pile right in front of our door. Let me tell you just how bad it stunk! It was awful! And the worst part is that the owner of the dog didn't clean it up. They called housekeeping and they had to do the dirty work. It was disgusting and I disliked the dogs at work even more after that.

This was the first year in our marriage that we bought Halloween candy to give out. I counted that 6 of our 8 Halloween's together we took kids out trick or treating (Kade, Ralph, Josh). We were in the isle at the store pricing out which bag of candy was the best deal. The doorbell probably only rang about 15 times. So we gave Trent our left over candy for the drive home.

Trent and Madre brought us lots of goodies. First, was our homemade Christmas present from last year. Padre made us an awesome work bench for the garage. Then we opened our homemade gift for this year. Padre made us the most awesome quilting frames ever. Madre is extremely jealous of how nice they are. She said Padre spent 7 hours just sanding the frames. Thanks so much Padre! I love them and can't wait to start using them.

They also brought my bunk beds. Ryan and Trent went and picked up a free twin bed on Friday so Trent got his own bed. So the smaller upstairs bedroom is called Trent's room and the downstairs room is called Madre's room until someone else comes to stay with us and then we will rename the rooms. Maybe we can find two free twin mattresses and then we can set up the bunk beds as well.

The boys had fun at the BYU football game against whatever school is in Fort Collins. I took Madre shopping for a wedding outfit. We ate Ecua food all weekend long, just for Trent. He loved the rice, we even sent the leftovers home with him.

We all went downstairs to our games and we each choose a game to play. It was so much fun. I forgot how much fun it was to play Master Detective Clue, Taboo, but Monopoly just took forever. Madre - your game was phase 10. Playing games just isn't as fun with just the two of us.