Sunday, October 26, 2008

hat and wool socks mandatory if visiting us

One morning this week, we woke up and the thermostat said 54 degrees. We broke down and turned on the heat again and set it to 60. I think we are adjusting to cold weather, cold temperature in our house. So I'm warning you Madre and Trent - bring a hat and wool socks.

We are on our way to becoming official Coloradoans. Our cars now have the Colorado license plates. I'm hanging on to my Utah Drivers license so I can check out some books when we got to Utah for Lara's wedding. I just love Salt Lake County Library System.

On Saturday we went to the temple and went to the building next door and purchased some long underwear, literally ankle length thermal underwear. I'm so much warmer now. Afterward we went on one last jaunt to Elitch. It was so busy and there were so many people there. We went on our favorite ride before rushing home to deliver our cupcakes to the ward harvest party.

I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning counting down. I've been counting the days until Madre and Trent come. I have an actual countdown on the shower wall. Ryan's excited for the BYU game and the weather is supposed to be pleasant.

So Ryan ripped the plastic off our love seat. I've just been sitting on it with the plastic it on, but he ripped it if on anticipation of our guests. we have the couches since February 15th or so and I wanted to keep the plastic on them a bit longer, but he couldn't stand it anymore. Now, take into consideration that for 3 months the plastic was on it sitting in his parents family room waiting for us to claim them. So we have only lived with the plastic on for 5 months. Lucky you!

I watched Jane Eyre today. I had never read the book and knew much about it. It was a BBC version that was like 5 hours long. But I loved it and was enthralled and couldn't stop watching it.

We went dumpster dumping this week. Not dumpster diving, but dumpster dumping. We have too much trash to put in our trash can so we have been taking our trash to various locations. (not our kitchen trash) but all these other items we have been trying to get rid of. This week Ryan found a good dumpster behind Safeway and another by Albertson's. I've been taking a bag of trash to work with me. But the best one was on Friday night we went to this bank and dumped the padding from the carpet we ripped out of the storage room. Ryan wants me to insert an explanation here. It's the house/yard fix up trash that we have been trying to get rid of for 6 weeks now. First it was the 3 weeks of weeds we pulled that filled up our dumpster. Then it was stuff that Frank ( the previous owner) left in the house that we don't want. Then last week it was the 30 bags of leaves we had to get rid of (okay, it was only 6 bags plus our dumpster full of leaves). We hardly have any trash because we have a recycle bin for paper, plastic and cans so that is helping a bit. But we anticipate only having to do one more dumpster dumping of a roll of carpet. We are currently scouting locations for that dumpster dump. Trent - maybe you can help us when you get here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Because that's what a garage is for

Monday morning I went out to leave for work and the car windows had ice on them. I didn't even know where our ice scrapper was. Argh.... So I told Ryan we absolutely had to move some stuff around in the garage so we could fit our cars in. That is what a garage is for right? So you don't have to scrape ice in the morning. So the next night it wasn't supposed to freeze again so we left the cars out. Again, I had to scrape the windows. So that night we organized the garage. We put a bunch of stuff out on the lawn with free signs and Ryan cleaned up the free dresser we got and we moved that in the house. We put it in our closet and Ryan hung a mirror up over it. We moved in this big entertainment center/dresser into our bedroom and moved out the old dresser. The room looks even bigger now. And the cars fit in the garage and we won't have to scrape windows anymore. Which was what I wanted.

We have been meaning to rake the leaves in our front yard for weeks now. Not a blade of grass could be seen. It was just a thick covering of leaves. We had to buy a rake so on Thursday afternoon, Ryan spent 3 hours raking leaves. The pile was enormous.

All the neighbor kids were hanging around drooling over the pile. Ryan said they were dying to play and jump in the pile. So we filled out our trash bin and it didn't even make a dent in our pile. Our neighbor told us that the city had a free leaf dump place so we bagged up the leaves and we are going to drop them off this week. We have this schedule for our trash can. We have so many things to stuff in our dumpster. Old stuff from the previous owner, moving boxes, yard stuff, etc. So this week filling up the whole dumpster with leaves put us another week behind. I have been taking a bag of trash to work with me every day and putting it in the dumpster there.

I went to a conference in Denver on Friday. It was probably one of the best work related conferences that I have ever been to. Probably because it was all information I needed to know and actually interesting. So during the lunch break, I walked back to the car to eat the lunch I had packed. I was parked by this Lutheran church. The church bells starting ringing and then the music that was playing sounded familiar. It was the hymn 199 He is Risen. So I guess that is not a mormon hymn. It was nice to hear a familiar song.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ice in the toilet

So it is 57 in our house. We put 4 extra blankets on our bed last night and we slept with winter snow hats on. I slept with my scarf on. We didn't want to break down and turn on the heat until it actually snowed, but after spending two days wearing scarfs, hats, gloves and two layers of pants, we broke down tonight. We turned on the heat to a balmy 60 degrees. The gloves are gone, but the hats remain and we found the wool socks. There might actually be ice in the toilet. But the worst part is going to the bathroom. Has anyone thought of inventing a heated toilet seat?

When we were little, we would always ask my Padre when we got to turn on the heat in the basement. (most of us kids slept in the basement). His standard reply was "When there is ice in the toilet". Padre has been saying this for years and we just accepted it. My little brother, Kade, figured a way around it.

Kade is the youngest. He was born the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. So he is now the only child left at home and he wanted some heat in the basement. So early one morning while he was out doing farm chores, he brought back a piece of ice from the water trough for the horses. He dumped it in the toilet and called the padres down. He showed them the ice in the toilet and asked if Padre would turn the heat on in the basement. I heard that Padre was laughing hard at this one.

I also put up my "summer clothes" and dug out all my wool sweaters. It was nice the realize that I do have winter clothes that can keep me warm until the spring thaw.

After getting the office set up in the 3rd bedroom, we decided to take it all down and move the desk and computer stuff to the space that will one day be the dining room.

I found this bag of fabric scraps, mostly weird fleece stuff, that Erin or Mom gave me like 6 years ago. I moved them from Ogden to California to Colorado. I decided I hadn't used them yet and I was sick of packing them around. So I threw them in the trash bag. But my brain wouldn't let me leave them in the trash. They could be good for something right? I can't just throw away something that could be useful. So I measured and calculated and figured out that I could make a small blanket. So I started cutting and ended up with a fabulous quilt. Ryan helped me layout the squares to achieve the random non-pattern look without having two of the same squares bordering each other. I used some flannel I had in a box to fill in some spots and a few days later, we have a new quilt, well, the front of a new quilt. I'm going to back it in the same muslin colored flannel.

I'm still on a unfinished project phase. I finally took the pile of old Levi's and cut them into squares to make a Levi quilt. I still need probably 3-4 more pairs of Levi's to have enough for a quilt. Anybody got old Levi's? I fixed a shirt Lara gave me. It had a side zipper in it a so I ripped that out and just sewed up the shirt. It looks good. I pulled out my flannel and have 19 blankets matched up ready to make. Then I took the scraps and cut out about 35 more burp clothes/rags. I just love making something useful out of scraps. But the most important thing I fixed this week was my steering wheel cover. It's just too cold to touch that wheel in the mornings.

So Ryan has tomorrow off work - Columbus day. He has a list of projects to keep him busy.

We were a bit spoiled this week, Braden took us to dinner twice this week. I think we gained back any weight we had lost the previous week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unfinished projects

This was a week of unpacking unfinished projects. I finished two bibs for Madre. Then I started on my beaded temple. I just have to do the spires on that and hopefully I won't be tempted to give this one away. I finished knitting a dishcloth that I started a while back. Then I plan on finishing the felt Christmas ornaments Madre, Erin and I started about 4 years ago.

We also rearranged our bedroom and the new arrangement makes the room look a lot bigger. I finally unpacked my sewing room and it is so nice! It's so roomy and fun to have everything right there in that room.

It was nice to watch conference in the comfort of our home. Ryan got a wireless router for his birthday and so we have Internet anywhere in the house. So we watched conference in the kitchen as we cooked. My favorite talk was one Saturday morning by Elder Perry about simplifying life.

Did anyone else see Aunt Laurie in the women's broadcast choir? I saw her twice.

8 years ago Kade had Ryan for homemade gifts and he made Ryan some pillows for our couch. Ones he could use to put his head on and drool all over. Well about 2 years ago they got pretty worn out so either mom or one of the boys made some new pillow covers for Ryan for Christmas for our pillows. Well, we kept using the worn out pillow covers because they weren't completely worn about. Well about 3 months ago they covers got so thin they started ripping. We finally busted out the new covers and switched them. I hope these will last at least 8 years just like the last ones.