Sunday, August 31, 2008

Terrorized at work by the canine population

Ryan and I unpacked our Star Wars toys and played with them this afternoon. Okay, you all know me. I spent more time organizing them into good guys and bad guys. But it was still fun.

I got called on Monday about 5pm to go to orientation the next day for work. I thought it would only be a couple of hours. Six hours later it ended! I was not expecting that. Anyways. I started working in my job on Wednesday. So there are lots of benefits at my job. We get a free lunch every day. So far it has been good 2 days and not so hot 2 days. One day it was meatloaf with baked potatoes. As I cut the potato in half, I realized it was not a potato, but a yam. Gross! I really liked the roast turkey with potatoes and gravy and Friday was beef tips with stroganoff. The only problem is that lunch is served for employees at 10:30 am. I usually eat lunch at 2 pm so it is way too early to be eating lunch. Plus it makes the day drag on forever. Another bonus is that the ice cream parlor opens everyday at 2:30 and they serve ice cream to everyone except on Wednesdays and those are popcorn days. I also got business cards, they ordered them before I even started so of course they screwed them up. I also get my picture up on the wall in the lobby with all the other directors. Steve ( my boss) forgot to tell me it was picture day so needless to say it was a very bad hair day.

I have also been terrorized at work, practically paralyzed with fear. Apparently it is perfectly appropriate and encouraged for staff to bring their dogs into work and just let them roam around the facility. The first day I froze and tried to let someone know there was a dog loose in the facility. It was then explained to me that the residents love the dogs. On Friday in a meeting, one of the dogs wandered in and was nipping at everyone's feet. One day I took in my food with me and I was walking down the hall to my office the dogs smelled the food and started following me and yapping at me. I held back my urge to swiftly kick them. There would have been too many witnesses.

We get 17 days off a year. That includes holidays, vacation and sick leave. This is the least amount I have ever had at a job. Davis and Wasatch I had 12 vacation, 11 sick and 12 holidays. QTC I had 12 PTO days and 9 holidays. The same amount of employees have to work here on the holidays as the other days. But it's not so bad for me. I get time and half for any hours worked on holidays so we are thinking that I will probably work most holidays. It will be nice when Ryan starts working holidays as we can both earn extra money. So I am planning on working tomorrow. (When we were little, my Padre told us that Labor day meant you got paid twice the amount you would normally get paid. Of course we all worked like crazy on this day to earn extra money. Somewhere in my middle school years I figured out that double pay day was a product of my Padres imagination and most people did not get up before it was light to get as much work done as possible on this day. )

Steve on Friday told me that he hired me for a 3 year project. The first year I just learn, the 2nd year I make changes and the third year I evaluate and make more changes. I guess my answer to the interview question of what is your career goals or plans must have satisfied him enough. Enough about work.

Ryan has been begging for a couple of weeks for me to make scones for Navajo tacos. I was going to make them on Tuesday, but i ended up being at work too late. So the next day I came home and Ryan had come home for lunch and set out the dough and cut it up so it was ready for me to make. He's already asking to have them again.

We went to the water park for one last time on Saturday. It was actually warm enough and we had a good time. I spent lots of time this week weeding the backyard. I got about 1/2 of the weeds in the back rock section cleared out which is the easy weeds.

We cleaned out the last of the guys stuff. Filled up two trash bags and took it out. We also cleaned the stove drip pans. I wanted to buy new ones, but it was $17 for those so we broke down and decided to just clean these ones. I sprayed them with oven cleaner and that worked pretty well.

Ryan let me join one of his fantasy football leagues. We drafted on Saturday morning and he said I ended up with a better team than him. I drafted based on weird unique names and also if had heard of them. Ryan only vetoed 2 of my choices. Pretty good I thought. Tomorrow we are going to buy a ladder so that we can clean out the birds nest of our chimney and fix the garage door.

Monday, August 25, 2008

unemployement sucks...but I found a job

I absolutely hate being unemployed!!! For one, I just feel like I am not contributing to the finances and while Ryan tells me it doesn't matter, I just feel lousy about it. Each day I total up how much money I would have made if I had been working. I also found that I am much less productive with more time. I got more done around the house in a day when I was working 8-10 hours a day then I do now when I am home all day long. One day I was so bored and unmotivated that I painted my toenails for the first time in 2 years. I want to work on crafts/sewing, but I can't with the house just calling my name waiting to be deep cleaned and fixed up. Every day, Ryan gives me a list of things to do around the house. Sometimes I get them all done, but most times I don't. Ryan is loving it because the whole time we have been married I told him that I would cook dinner every night and be responsible for all house stuff when I wasn't working. I'm not sure I like that. I can't wait to get back working and then we can share all this stuff again.

We bought a lawnmower for $30 off of Craig's list. It came with a 5 gallon gas can and about 3 gallons gas in it. I would have poured the gas in my car first and just given away the gas can, but we are not complaining. 3 gallons of free gas works for us. The lawnmower works great. It's a craftsman and it fairly new so we plan to use it for years. So I surprised Ryan one day and mowed the lawn while he was gone. We had been here 1 month and hadn't mowed the lawn and we weren't going to mow it, but I figured we didn't have an excuse once we bought a lawnmower.

We also bought a shop-vac off Craig's list for $30. It is smaller than the one I grew up with but it still works. I didn't want to use my indoor vacuum in the garage for all the dog hair. Good thing too since the shop-vac got clogged up twice with dog hair and it took me a while to unclog it. I ended up using some hot dog roaster sticks that we inherited with the house. But the garage looks fantastic now. Now we need to build some shelves for the garage so we can stick the garage stuff out there.

Our backyard is horrible and very depressing. It was all dead with some weeds, but then last weekend it rained and I mean RAINED, POURED for 4 days straight. The backyard weeds have all sprouted up and grown to be the size of shrubs. Plus it stinks out there like dog poop because the entire back yard is covered in dog poop.

One the first day of the pouring rainstorm we found out the wall unit air conditioner leaked water into the house. So that had to come out quick! We were planning on taking it out, but it got bumped to the top of the list. As soon as their was a break in the rain we took it out. So anyone want an air conditioner? Ryan took the Plexiglas that was used for the fake window and covered up the doggie dog in the garage. Now we have a skylight in the garage, I'm not sure what you would call it, skylight or bottomlight since it is on the bottom of the garage wall.

Well i got a job. I am the Health Information Management Director at Life Care Center of Longmont. It is a nursing home. I start as soon as my background check clears maybe tomorrow! It is only 1.25 miles from the house. Ryan's work is only 1 mile from the house. We bought Ryan a bike and we are both going to ride our bikes to work everyday. We are also going to ride our bikes everywhere. We are not going to use our cars in the month of September except to go to Denver for the temple and doctors appointments. We are going to ride our bikes to church too. Doesn't that sound fun! We are looking for a cart to attach on to the back of a bike so we can haul our groceries and other things like library books.

We finally cleaned the nasty oven. I was putting that job off forever. I have never seen anything that filthy. I had Ryan help since I have never actually used oven cleaner to clean an oven. At least there was no dog hair.

On Saturday I spent sometime in the yard weeding. I was so sore yesterday! It's been quite a while since I have weeded and those hamstring muscles must be pure flab! I just about filled up the entire trash can with weeds. (we have one of the large city trash cans) It's not that I pulled a lot of weeds, the weeds I did pull were the size of bushes and trees.

So when we got home from California Ryan fixed the Geo for $8.99 plus tax. The car just keeps on running. It is amazing. Ryan has been so good with doing repairs with the house. Hanging all the closet doors, fixing screen doors, leaks, etc.

Our next purchase is going to be a ladder. There are quite a few roof/chimney/rain gutter issues that we need to take care of before winter.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bicicleta and a new bicycle

I know it has been a while, I've been busy and I'm a procrastinator. I have been trying to write this for like 20 minutes but I keep having a recurrence of my "South American bowel problems" and have to run to the next room. You know what I'm talking about.

So I have officially joined the ranks of the unemployed. Yep, Thursday was my last day of "work". I'm not sure I would ever want to work from home again. I just need human interaction during the day.

Thursday night we were on the way to the temple and just as we were getting to Denver and traffic was slowing, we saw a minivan side swipe the car in the front of us. The car just zoomed off and was weaving in and out of traffic. It was crazy! Then on the way home from the temple we hear a loud thunk under the car and the temperature gauge shot up. The battery light also went on. We pulled over and Ryan inspected the poor Geo. Apparently we lost the fan belt. This would be were we were wishing we had some type of insurance for roadside assistance. We don't even know anyone or have their phone numbers with us. We called our friend Blake who was also with us in Oklahoma and who is in our new ward and he came down and towed us home. It was so nice of him! As we were being towed home (about 20 miles) the battery was dying so the power brakes were going. Anyways, at least it is something that we can fix pretty easily. So the good news is that the Geo is going to be revived. I know Erin is waiting to buy it since she buys all my cars when i am done with them.

The house is finally somewhat settled. We still have boxes to unpack and go through, but we are not smothered in every region suffocating from cardboard screaming to be unpacked. The kitchen is mostly unpacked, the bedrooms are unpacked. The sewing room has boxes stacked in it and the basement is filled with stuff we don't know what to do with. But we both feel so much better about it.

It's been a record setting month in Denver. We have set all kinds of new records. The least amount of rain recorded in 1 month, highest temperature (104), 20 consecutive days of above 90 degree weather ( average July temperature is 88). It's actually cooler in California than it has been in Colorado.

We made this new meal for dinner today. It was awesome. When our new neighbors had us over for dinner they made it and we both loved it. It has potatoes, chicken breast, asparagus (we used green beans) and lemon. It was so good. I highly recommend it.