Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catch up...

Catch up…

I flew back to California, went straight to my work. I finished packing up the house that night. I was attempting to take apart the bed frame and I ran into a little trouble. I used a flathead screwdriver to keep a spring latch thingy open and it slipped and the screwdriver sliced right down under my thumbnail. For the amount it bled, it didn’t hurt that bad. The corner of my thumbnail was up off the nail bed. I wrapped it up, put on gloves and went back to work. I should have taken a picture. But mom saw it and she can describe it to you.

Next day I went to work and when I got home Nick had picked up the moving van. We ordered a 22 foot truck, but they were all out of those so we got the 26 foot truck. It was huge! But we used all the space and stuff didn’t have to be stacked very high. It was also a brand new truck. It only had 93 miles on it. So I started moving some boxes in. the Missionaries came over about 4:30 and helped us move the washer/dryer and couches in. About 5pm Brother Elder of the bishopric came over to help. He told us that the Young Men were coming over to load the van for us. I about cried right there. #1 because It would have taken me all night to do it by myself, literally all night long. So 10 minutes later 5 priests and their leader came over and started loading. The rest of the stuff was loaded by 6pm. Less than 1 hour! It was amazing! The boys also commented on my boxes. “You guys have 3 flat screen monitors!!!” I had to tell them to read what I had written on the box. One box was shoes, another hangers and then something else. They also tracked my career based on boxes. Arby’s and all the different paper boxes. They laughed at my variety of paper boxes.

After it was all done, the men commented that they had never seen someone so organized for a move. I was ready – boxes labeled, stacked and a plan of how to load things. They said they remembered my talk about being organized.

As you probably know, I am a quite protective of my possessions. I wanted things to be loaded in the van just right and nothing damaged. Overall, it turned out okay. We only lost the bottom shelf to out microwave stand (which we didn’t really like anyways). And a shampoo box was on its side and a bottle leaked. But that was about it. All the mirrors and dishes made it without major problems. Yeah! It did take me breathing deeply and stepping back and just letting the men load it. I just couldn’t be everywhere at once while they were loading. I wish any of you had been there with me to be the other supervisor.

They next day I went to work, came home and we left at 3:49. The first night we stopped at Primm (Nevada- CA state line). The next day just past cedar city the jellybean turned 175,000 miles! I would never have believed it if you told me 6 years ago it would still be running. But it just keeps going. Madre met us in Green River for a sleepover and a she gave me a hair trim. It was so nice to be able to see and talk to her. It was a little piece of home in the middle of a really long trip. I also got to pick some cards out to keep from your card fiesta. That night we went to dinner with Toby and Nick. Then Madre and I went to the hotel’s gym and did treadmill and bike.

The next morning I said goodbye to Madre and we started out last leg of the trip. Ryan left OKC Friday morning as well and we planned to meet about 5:30 in Longmont. Ryan made it about 5pm and we pulled in about 7pm. The apartment was very very very clean. Pretty big as well. However, the neighborhood is…not where I would want to live for too long. It has a little 10x8 patio out back for each apartment.

Friday night we unloaded the mattress. But the box springs would absolutely not fit up the stairs. Not amount of pushing, pulling twisting or maneuvering would get that thing up there. (the kitchen, ½ bath and living room are downstairs and 2 bedrooms and full bath are upstairs). So we moved the mattress upstairs for the night. Saturday we unloaded the van. Toby dusted off the cobwebs from furniture and boxes so as to minimize the spiders we moved into the house. We pretty much had it done by 1pm. Nice! Ryan and I decided to leave the box springs downstairs and just sleep on the mattress on the floor upstairs. It was kind of fun to unpack some things. We didn’t want to unpack much as we hope to move again really soon (when we buy a house!)

My computers came, the Internet got set up and I started working from home. My alarm goes off at 7:30am I literally roll out of bed and come downstairs to work. It is nice. Although we are going to buy me an office chair. I have been sitting on a card table chair and that isn’t the most comfortable thing for 8 hours a day.

Instead of staying home last Saturday and unpacking and being responsible, productive adults, we went to the amusement park in Denver. It is like Lagoon how it has a water park inside it. We got season passes (yeah!) and plan on going back. It’s called Elitch Gardens and it has some fun rides.
We were going to go back to the water park on Memorial day, but it was horribly cold and rained all day long. Did I mention there was a tornado here last week? The hail was huge. The tornado hit about 20 minutes east of us it left a path of 35 miles of destruction moving northward. We got huge wind and hail. The hail was the size of quarters here. I went out to get one to save, and I got hit by one. I finally got out to get one to save for Ryan. I put it in the freezer.

Back to memorial day. We went to see Indiana Jones. We looked up the movies and saw there was an AMC theater in Westminster. We saw a big AMC off the freeway on the way to Denver so we knew right were it was. So we got there for the 10:15 show and they had 9:45 and 10:45…we couldn’t figure it out. Long story short, we went to the wrong AMC theater in Westminster. Good thing we didn’t buy our tickets online or we would have missed our show. We both enjoyed the movie.

Okay, so now you know Colorado did not swallow us alive!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yes, I've been avoiding everyone

Stop reading here if you are uncomfortable with me talking about my infertility issues.

I’ll admit it, I have kind of been avoiding everyone. I just didn’t feel up to talking. I was wallowing in self pity and feeling sorry for myself. You see, I would have been 9 months pregnant on Wednesday, the 28th of May. It just seemed like everywhere I looked there were reminders of what could have been. As I was going through boxes I found my pregnancy test from the doctor, the baby outfit Ryan bought to surprise me with the day we found out, alarms on my cell phone reminding me of the due date, emails, appointments on my computer that I set way back last September/October and forgot to undo/delete, the baby journal we bought, etc. An email from Javier Bucheli (piano boy from Ecuador who got married last April in Boise) saying they just had their baby, Kelly having her baby on Monday and all these things together just had me feeling really sad all the time. I wasn’t prepared to feel like I did. I thought I would be okay when the due date came, but I clearly was not. I know things happen for a reason, but at the moment, it doesn’t make it any easier. We had just waited for so long for this. I feel better now.

However, on Friday I went to see my new doctor. I was a little worried. My California doctor was okay, but he was awkward and lacked communication skills, but he was a good doctor. My Layton doctor was great to talk to, but didn’t do much for us medically. My UofU doctor was the best there was, Dr. Peterson. I would have moved back to Utah just to have him be my doctor. Well my new doctor did his residency at the UofU with Dr. Peterson. I consider that a blessing. We have a good doctor here and is picking up right where we left off last year. That is relief to not have to do tests that we have already done several times.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dallas and bungee jumping

Our last trip was to Dallas. We left OKC friday afternoon and pulled into the Dallas temple parking lot 3 hours later. After the temple trip we made our way over to Arlington where we were staying.

The next morning we got up and headed back over to Dallas to go to the Sixh Floor Museum where President Kennedy was shot. I didn't know much about it and we both really enjoyed the museum. It was set up really well and a lot of very interseting exhibits.

We went out and saw the "grassy knoll" where conspiracy theories place another shooter.

Next on the agenda was an amusement park of sorts called Zero Gravity. There was 5 different crazy things to do. The scariest one was shut down for maintainence, but we were able to scare ourselves pretty good on the rest. One of which was bungee jumping. I had bungeed jumped before the mission, but it was not this high. After they got me all strapped and suited up, I sat down for a minute and seriously thought about backing out. What was I thinking? Bungee jumping? Really?

Then as I climbed up the 7, yes 7 flights of stairs to the top, I was seriosly regretting my decision. I was crazy...but I wasn't going to back out now. I stood at the top, to scared to jump. I stood there for mroe than 2 minutes without jumping. I finally jumped.

They filmed the entire thing and the video was hilarious. I started screaming before I even jumped. But I did it and it was pretty fun bouncing all around upside down.

We also did a swing thing, a blast off rocket thing, and something else. We both laughed and screamed and had lots of fun.

Then we headed back to Arlington to go to a baseball game that night. One fabulous thing is that the hotel we stayed at gave us tickets to the trolley that took you over to the game. So we didn't have to try and find a place or pay for parking. We just hopped on the trolley and zipped over. I'm not even sure who they played, but it was a fun game.
It was the perfect trip to end our Oklahoma stay. I doubt we will ever live in the part of the country again, so it was fun to see some new places and do new things. My flight was early the next morning as I was headed back to California to pack and move out stuff to Colorado.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missouri, here we come...eventually

Ryan and I left for Missouri on Friday night. There was horrible traffic going just out of town. It ended up taking us about 90 minutes to go about 30 miles. Several times, we just shut the car off and sat there on the Freeway. It thought of Madre and how prepared she was when she was stuck on the freeway for an hour or more. She pulled out her knitting and listened to her book on tape. Talk about always be prepared! I should always keep knitting in the car.

On Saturday morning we went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home where she wrote all of her books. They moved there when her daughter was young. We went on a tour of the house. Most of the stuff was original as and actually in the same spot as when she died. They haven’t really touched or moved anything since then. We saw the stone house that Rose built for her parents as well. There was a grassy hill by the stone house and Ryan decided we need to make a video.

Click on this YouTube link to see a reenactment of little house.

We also went to the cemetery to see the Wilder graves. One the way there and back, we passed an area where lots of Amish live. We saw a couple of people in their carts on the streets.

Afterwards, we went to this place called Honey Heaven. On the Internet it said you could take a tour and see bees and honey and how it is made. When we pulled up to the address, it was strip mall. Not exactly what we were expecting. So we went in and in the corner of a back room they had some bees. We sampled some different flavors of honey and went down the street to Bass Pro Shops (kind of like Cabellas). They had some fun things to look at including a mounted elephant head on the wall!

Next was the Fantastic Caverns. We went on a tour of some caves. We rode in a jeep that pulled a trailer type thing. During the prohibition, apparently, there were wild drinking parties in the caves. We saw lots of stalagmites and stalactites and sink holes. We got to touch one section and see another section where someone had drilled a hole and put a pipe in for a well.

Then we met one of my mission friends Nicholls and his wife Angie for dinner at Lambert's. This place was amazing. They literally throw rolls at you. After you order and once you have your plate of food, they have people walking around to fill you up on Fried Okra (I tried it, it’s okay, but not really good), fried potatoes, and a couple of other things. Then they have this kid who walks around with fresh rolls and if you want one, just raise your hand and he will throw it to you. I was worried about dropping it, but I caught it just fine. Nicholls invited us to church the next day and met their kids. Angie made the greatest Sunday lunch and invited us over. It was Frito Tila but with pork and beans for the meat. It was good and a different twist to of my favorite meals! We had fun playing with the kids all afternoon. I'm sure we overstayed our welcome, but their kids are the greatest! Thanks Nicholls family for the warm welcome and good food!

We decided that we both really like Missouri. It was very green and had lots of large rocks around. It is a state of good signage. Meaning the road signs are excellent directing you to freeways and attractions. Arkansas was horrible for signage.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oklahoma sights

I know, I know…I have missed writing for two weeks. The guilt keeps me up at night, actually the tornadoes and hail storms kept me up last night.

The past several weeks have been consumed with looking for an apartment. It is hard to rent a place for a couple of reasons. #1 – very few people want to rent if they haven’t met you (I don’t blame them). #2 – very few people want less than a 1 year lease let alone a 3 month lease and #3 it is hard to decide if we can live in a place with only a few pictures or no pictures at all.

April was also a month where Ryan spent 3 of the four weeks on nights. That was harder than I thought it would be. A full week later I am still struggling to adjust back to days. He would get home between 12:15 and 12:30 and then we would stay up until 2am. In the morning I would get up and go to work about noon. I am naturally a night person so I loved staying up, but it took me years to be able to get myself up in the morning and this week has been a struggle to try and adjust back.

I went to Time out for Women here in Oklahoma. And no Padre, it was not punishment. It is a gathering put on by Deseret Book across the country and they have various people come speak. I went to one last year in Riverside. Last time I heard Mary Ellen Edmunds, Jane Clayson Johnson, Virginia Hinckley Pearce and Hilary Weeks and some others speak/perform. This time we had some others, Michael McLean, Jason Wright, Camille Fronk Olson. I went with some friends from the ward. I found a very nice friend who I wished I got to know her better. We have lot in common.

On Saturday afternoon Ryan picked me up and we went over to the Oklahoma City Memorial. We didn’t plan it, but it was free because the day we went was the anniversary of when it happened. I went to the 9/11 memorial during it’s construction and in Germany we went to the Dachau memorial. This one was just as powerful as the others I have been too. The museum was very well set up and informative, but it was also amazingly personal. I cried at several points during the museum exhibit. The museum actually closed while we were in the last room.

Last weekend we went to the Art Festival in downtown. I'll try to write about that next week. I’m out of time and I don’t want to procrastinate sending this over two weeks of not writing might turn into six months and I promised I would not do that to another sibling on a mission. So this is for you Trent!

Not to be all sappy, but I missed you all this week. Especially when I heard you all went home for a fun weekend. Just something about it made me miss being there with all of you. I hope you all had fun and we got your “just because” postcard yesterday. It’s about the only way to use neon fuchsia card stock! And you put your scraps to excellent use.