Friday, April 11, 2008

Medievil Fair

On Saturday between sessions of Conference we went to the Medieval Fair. I had wanted to go to one in LA, but you had to buy tickets. This one was free! It was mostly a place for people to dress up and sell stuff, but they did have a few cool things. They had jousting exhibition complete with real horses and guys in armor (see picture). We watched some bad Irish dancing. They had camel rides too. We did see quite a few men in skirts/kilts. We even picked out to potential suitors for Lara (see pictures).

Windy City – I’ve never been to Chicago so I can’t say what it is like there, but I think Oklahoma City should be called Oklahoma City. The wind blows here. It blows so bad it I’ve looked into gaining more weight so that I won’t blow over! One day it was blowing against me when I left work and it was quite the workout to make it to the car. I barely made any progress with each step. We’ve had a rainy wet week. The streets flooded pretty good one night. It almost reminded me of Ecuador when the street flood. We had a couple of tornado warnings, but that’s all.
Ryan’s parents came to visit for a few days. It was almost like going on vacation ourselves. We went to a really awesome museum exhibit called “The body – our universe within”. I was not grossed out. I thought I would be, but I wasn’t.

They had all types of exhibits showing muscles, bones and our innards. Pretty interesting. They had several part on display. Like they had healthy lungs and diseased lungs. Proof that smoking kills your lungs. They also a display of brains. Normal brains and then a brain that had suffered a stroke. The frontal lobe was so small, shriveled and wilted. it made me think of Grandpa and what the stoke did to his frontal lobe. Overall it was really good. It’s a good thing we went in the morning. By the time we left, there was a line just to buy tickets and a line to get in the exhibit. We were able to wander at our own speed and it was not crowded. Proof the early bird gets the worm. Here’s the link if you are interested.
The exhibit was in the Children's museum in OKC, so we wandered around that after and had fun with some of the exhibits.

We’ve been trying to find an apartment in Colorado. It is slightly harder when you are 3 states away. We’ve called on so many and they have 1 year leases. It will be interesting to see what we end up living in. The top one right now is a building built in 1886 – 390 square feet 2nd floor, but no air – faces south and west! I’m not sure how we would do that in the summer. Dad – is the camper available to rent?

Making do with what you have – I really wanted to make german pancakes. I mixed the stuff up in a bowl, but we don’t a hand mixer. It was all lumpy. So I looked around at what we had and I poured the batter into the blender. Turned that one for a few seconds and I had perfect German pancake batter!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arkansas and lots of rain

Last weekend we had a fun trip to Arkansas. We left early on Saturday morning and it rained the entire drive there. Not just rained, but poured, almost like Ecua rain! I was a little worried we were driving all this way to not even get out of the car. Who wants to hike in the pouring rain? We aren’t exactly equipped with the right clothes/gear to do a hike in the rain. We lucked out. It stopped raining when we arrived at the park. And started raining just as we were leaving. How’s that for blessings? Nice note – no fees to enter a state park in Arkansas. You only have to pay if you want to camp out or rent lake/boating equipment. We went to Ozark Mountains and went to Petit Jean State Park. We saw a good lookout point of the river and surrounding areas. We went on a short hike to a waterfall. It was nice to get out and see something of nature.

We stayed overnight in a small town of Alma. We picked this town because it had a church there. We went to church and it was mostly normal. People were very friendly and asked if we were new. It was testimony meeting and the last man that spoke was the stereotypical southern man. I almost needed a translator to understand him. Ryan admired the hairdo's of the little kids in front of us. They kind of reminded me of the Reeves kids, but this was four rows of 3 different families, probably cousins of some sort.

Alma is known for spinach. We read about how they had a large Popeye statue in the town park and the town water tower was painted like a spinach can. We never did find the water tower, but we had some pictures with Popeye.
On the way home, we stopped at the Fort Smith. It was next to the Trail of Tears when the Indians of the area were pushed off their land and many of them died.

Language barriers – so I was sick for 10 days, but not deathly sick to stay home and use my PTO. We don’t get sick leave and I get too few vacation days to use them as sick leave. I go to work no matter how sick I am. Actually – I have never called in sick to this job. I have left a few hours early due to sickness, but I have never called in sick in almost 3 years! I’m actually proud of myself. Back to my point – Ryan and I were out on a Saturday when I was sick and I said “I am rapidly decompensating”. He said “what?” and just stared at me as though I were speaking another language. We then had this big discussion on “psych speak” babble and that the word decompensating is only a word in “psych speak”. In my mind, it was a real word that I had been using for the past 9 years in my different psych jobs.

License Plate game – From the first day I arrived here I have had a fun time looking at the cars in our parking lot. It is kind of like looking at all the license plates at Disneyland or Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon. Mr. Tennessee drives a big black truck and does a Baker park job almost every time (takes up 2 spots). Utah has a really nice jeep and rarely goes anywhere. I think I have seen most every state except Alaska and Hawaii. It’s kind of fun to see what pops up. There are people moving in and out every day.