Thursday, February 28, 2008

Successful garage sale

So recap of the end of February – had a successful garage sale – we made $65! Remember the dresser we picked up on the side of the road for free? We sold it for $20! Ryan watched the stuff and bargained with people and I deep cleaned both card. I mean it was a deep clean! I got out the toothbrushes and toothpicks and scrubbed both of those cars. In the morning about 6:30am we were out in the garage moving stuff out to the driveway to set up and some man walks up to the garage and starts asking if stuff in the garage was for sale. He must not have personal space issues. Then towards the end of the sale when I was deep cleaning the red car, some guy in a geo pulled up and asked if we wanted to sell the red car. We told him no, yet he stayed in the driveway and continued to talk. Ryan finally left and I’m not sure how long Amy stood there and talked to him. He must love Geo’s. We do too, but not that much. The purple couches didn’t sell, however, the couch was gone before the love seat. The next week in church somebody told me that our purple couch had been moved down the street to the bus stop. I guess the bus patrons got tired of sitting on the hard bench and wanted our couch! At least it is being used.

Ryan left with his Dad and drove to Oklahoma. They stopped at the Crater place in Arizona. Toby and went to some scrapbook stores since I had the day off (president’s day). It was fun to see the new stuff out there. Then I realized what an amazing year I had in 2007. I went to Europe, we went back east, saw San Francisco and Redwood trees and amazing lighthouses, had season passes to Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Sea World and the LA Zoo, became an aunt, etc. I think we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last year. I don’t know how or when I am going to find time to scrapbook all of that. I haven’t even looked through all the Europe pictures yet!

I finished packing up the house and waited for Ryan's call each night. I was not envious of living in a hotel for 10 days.

It was a bit harder than I thought it would be to leave California. Nick and Toby dropped me off at the airport, I felt like I was leaving home. Weird, I never thought I would call California home.

Monday, February 25, 2008

$35 in pennies

This week has been a very busy week for us. Every night, we clean, sort, dejunk, and box stuff up. Our garage sale pile is growing.

As we were going through boxes in the garage, we found a box of our plastic banks that had tons of pennies in them. We decided we were not going to move a heavy box full of change. So last night we rolled $17.50 in pennies! That is 35 rolls of pennies! I want to pay for something with them. Could you imagine going to dinner or something and lugging out 35 rolls of pennies to cover the bill? Ryan says he won’t go with me if I do that. I, however, think it would hysterically funny.

Work has been really slow so that makes the time go by even slower during the day and it speeds past at night since we are busy sorting and packing. We packed up the kitchen (what few things we had in there, tomato knife, cheese knife etc.) Ryan’s mom said she is going to have to buy a tomato knife. I converted her! Speaking of tomatoes, we had some cherry tomatoes on our last plant ripen this week. I think it might be time to pull it up. After all, it’s almost time to plant again (march).

Tomorrow morning we are having our garage sale. Hopefully, we can also get some good work in done in the garage/yard during the sale. I went through my gift box and was able to assemble little goodbye gifts for my work associates. It was nice for 2 reasons:1-it means no money spent and 2-less stuff to move. We are picking up our new furniture tomorrow and stashing it in the front room.
So after Ryan leaves, I will be sleeping in Lindsay’s room until I leave. That way, I can pack up all of our bedding. I really wanted to throw our tattered bedspread away, more for the symbolism, but it will make a good moving blanket for something. So maybe I can throw it away when we move all of our stuff from our apt in Longmont to our house we buy there. Then I can be done with it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ocean waves and pretzel jello

We went to Hearst Castle with Ryan’s parents this weekend. We have planned the trip 2x and had to cancel it 2x so this time things are finally working out so we can go. We left early Saturday morning (6:30am) and started the 4 hour drive. For part of the trip you follow the coastline and it was a perfect day. It was so clear and the water was so blue! When we got up to Morro Bay I made Ryan take a little detour. I have never seen waves this big in my life! They were so big and they were crashing so far out, but they were crashing so hard there was all this mist coming up on the waves! Now for a CA native, this is probably normal or ordinary, but I thought it was amazing! I wished I would have taken a picture. We had perfect weather. It was in the high 60’s and sunny and warm and clear!

Our tour at Hearst Castle was really fun. There are 4 different tours you can on. Ryan and I went on Tour 1 last time, so we did Tour 2. This time Ryan and I did Tour 2 and instead of there being 30-50 people in our group, there was only 11! It was a lot more personal and fun. We saw lots of fun things. The pools always amaze me. I decided I want to work there for 3 months during the summer. They said the employees get to swim in the pool during the summer. I’m so jealous.
On this tour we saw his private room, his study, his library, some guest rooms and the kitchen.
The kitchen was huge. Based on the rest of the house and the guest houses, you would think Mr. Hearst would have had the largest bedroom. His was actually normal, maybe a bit on the small end.
We also went up to the 3rd floor right beneath the bell tower to this cool bedroom. It was octagonal in shape, one corner was the entrance and the other 3 corners had small balconies out.
It was an awesome room. They said the house alone had 48 bedroom and 52 bathrooms. And that was just the main house. There are several guest houses, one of the guest homes if 5,000 square feet!

After that we drove back to our hotel in Grover Beach. Sunday we had a bit of trouble finding the church, but we managed to get there. It was a single adult ward. The Sunday school class we went to was pretty interesting. This particular class had some extremely chatty girls, but the lesson was good.
We made it home okay and Ryan helped me make Pretzel Jell-O for my potluck at work today. They had requested it, they love it here!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weddings, pigouts and work in Oklahoma

What a week! Things changed so much for us day to day! So my work has an office in Oklahoma City. It is roughly 4.6 miles from our apartment. I mentioned that I would be willing to do whatever work on any contract I could while in OKC. I mentioned it to my boss and her boss, but I didn’t know if anything would come of it. Yesterday, my boss met with me and said that they were going to make arrangements for me to work full-time while in Oklahoma City. They would also like to keep me on until the end of the contract (June 30th), but they closed the QTC clinic in Denver a couple of years ago. So they are going to figure out if I can work from home or not while I am in Denver. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Our lives were consumed this week with wedding stuff. We were cleaning and helping out, doing whatever we could to get ready. On Friday night about 6pm I started some alterations on Amy’s wedding dress. I was trying to line the shoulders. At 3am Ryan was making the CD for background music for the reception and I was still hemming my jumper. For the wedding, I played the Berceuse piano solo that I borrowed from Alisa. I really like that. I need to learn it better. The bishop gave some really really good advice during the wedding.

Then we pigged out at Hometown Buffet. The reception was nice. It didn’t rain which was really nice since part of it was outside. There is so much left over food that we are going to be eating meatballs, mini quiches, sandwich swirls and nuts for weeks! Sunday Steve was confirmed a member.

These are the boys I tried to keep from running wild during the reception.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bye bye purple furniture

Remember in Elementary School when you made a chain out of paper and counted down until Christmas? Well, this week I started a count down chain until we move. I can’t believe Ryan leaves in 10 days from today! Each night we try and pack and clean stuff out, box stuff up, but since It is mostly my stuff in the house (sewing, kitchen, scrapbooking) I just can’t get enough done.

This is horrible to admit, but in my whole life I have only voted 4 times. Once in Bluffdale, once in Provo, once in Ogden and once in Glendora. I need to be better about that. I voted this year. So I am going to register in Colorado when we get there.

It is the end of an era in our life. The purple couches that have been with me since before I was married, since December 1998. I bought them from my cousing who got them from her work. Once upon a time these lovely purple couches were office furniture. Well after suffering some damage in the garage (the garage flooded a bit with water) and finding mice droppings all over them, in them, etc, we have decided to give them the boot. Ryan wants to try and sell them. They might just end up out on the curb waiting for someone to take them.

Someone at work was going to give away some brand new furniture her step-dad bought her because she didn’t want to pay for the storage unit on it. She had been paying for storage for 2 years and didn’t even like the furniture to begin with. So we are now the owners of a lovely faux white leather couch and love seat. Seen attached picture. It is quit the step up for us. I’m excited to have something other than purple furniture in our house.

We are going to Hearst Castle with Ryan’s parents this weekend. We have planned the trip 2x and had to cancel it 2x so this time things are finally working out so we can go. There are 4 different tours you can on. We have been on tour 1, so Ryan and I are going to do tour 2. We’ll take lots of pictures.