Monday, January 28, 2008

California to Oklahoma to Denver

Well, we have had 3 days to let the news sink in. We are both pretty excited for our move.
It has been raining a lot here. There was a wheelbarrow out back and it completely filled up with water. They actually had tornado warning for Long Beach on Friday night. They said if you are in a mobile home you need to seek shelter elsewhere. They also said if you can’t find cover, hide in a ditch. I’m not sure how many ditches there are around here.

Yesterday was the baptism of Amy’s fiancĂ©, my future brother-in-law. It was right after church and we filled the primary room. The ward was really supportive. I played the piano. They had us sing songs while they were changing so I actually played for a really really long time. The missionaries didn’t have pants for Steve’s Dad to baptize him in. We keep our temple bags in the car and so Ryan ran out and got his temple pants. They fit his Dad perfectly (good thing for the adjustable waist). It was a very nice baptism. Steve’s parents joined the church in Germany about 11 years ago (Steve was about 24 at the time). His Dad, Peters, is a bishop in the ward and they were so excited that he was finally getting baptized. He gave us smoking after 17 years. It was a very hopeful baptism.

The only thing sad was nobody took a picture with Steve in his white clothes before the baptism. Nobody was going to take one after either and I had Ryan get our camera and offer to take pictures. He asked the missionaries if they would like a picture with Steve and they didn’t really seem interested and didn’t ask for a picture. I was completely blown away by that. So my question is: Trent and Lara – do you take pictures of all your baptisms or is it just me as a girl that I think of these things?

We had his parents and brother over for Sunday dinner. It was really nice to get to know them and talk with them. I found out they live about 1 hour away from Heidelberg. So the wedding is this weekend. We have pretty much been getting ready for that. The weather however, is not cooperating very well. It is supposed to clear up by Friday so maybe we’ll stay dry on Saturday night. We get to clean the relief society room on Friday night and decorate it to get ready for the wedding. My deep cleaning skills will come in handy.

I love having a laptop. I have been taking it to work and during lunch, I have been labeling and organizing all of our digital pictures. It is fun to look back and see what you have done and it makes we wish I had been doing this all along. Now some of the timeline is a little fuzzy on when we went where and did what.

I also had another pleasant surprise with our computer. I was bored in Sacramento and I looked at what games we had on the computer. There was this one called Mahjong Titans. So I opened it up! To my complete and utter disbelief, I realized this was that game on the old Mac computer Shedo or Sheikdo or whatever that was with the 4 Asian tiles and you had to uncover and match them up. I added a picture to refresh your memory. This is a luxury edition however. It has 6 different layouts you can choose from.

Ryan and I are attempting to learn sign language. One day last October we saw this show on PBS (we have 3 PBS stations here) and it was called Signing Time. It is a sign language show for kids. It was really fun and easy to learn with the show. So we looked it up and found out it is made in Utah. Rachel de Azevedo Coleman (Lex de Azevedo’s daughter) is the one who does the show. Anyways, it is on Sundays here so we record it at 6am and then again at 10am and then we watch it and learn sign language. It has been fun to learn it. The Salt Lake County library system just bought the DVD’s. I’m pretty jealous. Maybe Denver will have a good library system. I finally learned the alphabet except that I get g, h and, p, q mixed up a lot.

I finished two sewing items this week. I finished a really cute skirt. It had pleats in it and in order to make the pleats evenly spaced, I adjusted a few things. Well after it is all done, I tried it on and it is way….to small. I couldn’t figure out what happened. When I finally figured it out I was a bit frustrated. I could fix it, I have enough fabric to do the yoke again and then space out the pleats a bit more, but I am really not looking forward to unpicking and redoing it. Anyways, I also made a really cute black jumper. I also made some cushion covers for Toby. She has two foam pads that are rectangular. At Lindsay’s wedding I covered them in red and this time I did them in brown and gold. She puts them on the fireplace hearth and the swing bench so at least you have padding to sit on.

Monday, January 21, 2008

When windmills attack

Happy Holiday! In case you had forgotten or didn’t know, Martin Luther King Jr. Day here. My company does not recognize this as a holiday, but oh well. Several (and I mean several) are not here today for various reasons. We have 1 who just didn’t show, 1 called in sick, 1 forgot we had to work and 2 more scheduled the day off. Needless to say, it feels like a holiday with ½ the group here.

My hair survived the visit with Grandma! She cut off 1 inch. Just what I asked for. Ryan was very happy.

Ryan and I had a fabulous visit with Grandma and Grandpa. It is nice to get away. And it is nice to see family. I was feeling a little bit homesick for family. I just missed you guys so the visit with the Grandparents was nice. Ryan said it was like going to a hotel, but even better. They took us to dinner, she made us breakfast, she wouldn’t let us do the dishes, we went swimming and had the pool to ourselves…

Grandma showed me the scrapbook she had put together while she was down here. It was all the pictures and notes from everybody during the past year. Let’s just say saw lots of new things, our cousins that have dark black hair that used to be blond/brown (Carly, Bonnie, Breanne). I saw some awesome pictures of Trent that I had never seen. Trent – one was a picture of you by a reflection pool or something. Another was of a house that has to be in Manta because the ocean was in the background, but you were in the front of a typical Ecua house, half finished, part brick, part cane shack with wires running all over! That is the Ecuador I know and love! Lara, your handwriting is very neat. You had several letters in there and Trent had a letter. I saw some pretty cool pictures of the Alaska fishing Trip. I didn’t even recognize Dad at first with his spiffy sunglasses on. Then I happened to see a picture of Dad’s head. Quite a change from last time I saw him. There was a picture or Gary’s kids all eating Ramen. Grandma was talking about how that’s about all they liked to eat. She asked if I new what was in Ramen. MSG!!! I knew the answer, thanks mom! Bob and Brenda have a ton of grandkids and Grandma named them all off. There is even one named after a car, Sable (Mercury Sable).

The pool was actually warm. Usually I don’t get in the pool, just the hot tub, but I actually jumped in the pool twice and swam around. We showed Grandma some of our pictures from our different trips. I sent a bunch of bags up with her, presents, Lara’s clothes, and a few surprises for everyone. Enjoy it in when you get them (not sure when that will be). We went to church with them. In Sunday School, when everyone introduced themselves, ½ the class was visiting from Utah. It was pretty funny.

I am attaching a few pictures of the big windmills on the way to Indio. They creep me out. It is like something out of a science fiction movie. They are all over and so big and creepy.

Other than that we had a normal week. Work is Work. I went to Sacramento, but I took the laptop so it wasn’t so bad this time. I labeled and organized our digital pictures. It was quite the project and I got caught up to November of 2007. November is a little scary because that was our San Francisco trip and we took sooooooooooooooooooo many pictures of Alcatraz and the lighthouses. That might take me a while.

Amy’s wedding is coming up. Steve (her fiancĂ©e) is getting baptized this Sunday. His parents and little brother are coming from Germany. Apparently his parents are members and his step-dad is a bishop in Germany. So they are pretty excited that Steve is getting baptized. They are coming this Friday and will be staying until after the wedding. Remember the funny bathroom signs in the stalls in our Lucerne Switzerland hotel? I might see if they can translate them for me. I get to play the piano at the wedding. Just prelude music and postlude.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The garden finally goes

So on Saturday, we finally dug up the garden. There were still about 20 green tomatoes on the plants and the cherry tomato plant still had blossoms on it! I didn’t have the heart to dig that one up, so maybe in a week or two. It was actually pretty warm on Saturday. I worked up a sweat in the garden.

Sunday was Stake Conference. It was for all of Southern California. President Hinckley spoke, Elder Hales, Elaine Dalton and two other people. It ended 20 minutes early!

I’m going to Sacramento tomorrow for work. Not staying overnight anymore, just during the day, but I have to leave for the airport at 4:30am and I won’t get home until 7:30pm. A very long day. Good thing I get overtime for hours worked over 8 in a day. And I get double time for any hours worked more than 12 in a day. I’m also excited to take the laptop. So instead of reading books, I am going to label all of our digital pictures that we have so we can find the pictures without endless hours of looking.

I made a skirt last week. It turned out okay. I just need to make some minor adjustments to it. This week I am going to start on a cute black jumper. I organized a box of fabrics over the weekend. I have ¼ yard of a bunch of fabrics and I finally found a box to put them all.

We are going to see Grandma and Grandpa Vawdrey this weekend in Indio (by Palm Springs). I am going to have Grandma trim by hair. The last time I let Grandma touch my hair…well see my 2nd grade school picture and you will feel my pain.

So I am sending some stuff back for you with them. Lara – I am sending back all of your clothes that I remembered are yours. I am so sad to part with your sweaters. I have really loved wearing them. Hopefully I have everything and hopefully you won’t notice if something is missing.

Some of my new goals – which are serious ones
Eat more fiber
Complete 3 sewing projects a month.
Move at least 2x!
Accept the fact we have to pay taxes this year L
Read Ardeth Kapp Biography
Organize digital photos

Monday, January 7, 2008

Empty park

Ryan and I had a fabulous New Years Eve. I worked ½ day, then we went to dinner at Claim Jumpers with Lindsay/Luke and Amy/Steve. The portions were huge. Literally. I ate about 20% of my food and then I was stuffed. We were eating the leftovers for days. But they had the most delicious cream cheesecake I have ever had. It was so good.

Then Ryan and I headed to Magic Mountain for our last time. We got there about 8pm. It closed at 10pm. There was nobody there and people were streaming out of the park. We went on my favorite ride 2 or 3x in a row. Then we ran up to Superman and rode it 3 or 4x then on to Goliath and Batman and Scream. We rode each ride at least 2x without even getting up. When we got to Batman, nobody, literally nobody was in line. They ran the ride just for us. Then we ran down to scream and they were in the process of shutting the ride down so they had to do a few things to get it back up and then we rode it. It was the best time to go. By the time we left, there was not even 40 cars in the parking lot. It was a fun way to end the year.

On New Years Day, we took our twin nieces to the zoo. It was pretty fun. They are at a cute age where they are talking. We had lots of fun strolling them around. We got there right as it opened. The zoo is built on a hill so most people start at the bottom and work their way up. We hiked up to the top right away and worked our way down. We pretty much had the zoo to ourselves until the end. It was fantastic. They had a new gorilla exhibit that had only opened up in November so that was packed. The girls called everything monkeys. The know sign language and were doing the signs for lots of the animals. We will be going back to the zoo. It is the only season pass we have now.

We love having a new computer. I just need to learn how to put pictures from the camera on the computer. That’s was always Ryan’s job before.

My throat started feeling sore on Thursday and by Friday afternoon, I was sick. I pretty much spent the weekend in bed drinking lots of juice, water and eating soup.