Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas without snow

There is something about Christmas that makes it more fun and seem more real with snow. I think I can say I miss the snow. Good thing Denver has a lot. (Lara – come one now, you knew about Denver!) Ryan and I enjoyed ourselves at Christmas time. We went and saw his grandma on Christmas Eve and took her a lovely fleece blanket I made.

We got up about 8am for Christmas. There were so many people at the house to open presents. It was a bit crowded. I surprised Ryan with an awesome Star Ward Yoda blanket I made for him. He says he loves it!

We also gave each other a laptop. It is so nice to finally have a computer at home we can use. Since we have wireless at the house, we can use it in our bedroom or anywhere for that matter. No trekking to burger king or a parking lot for us! It also has webcam, so maybe we need to get a messenger thing set up and Erin can web cam with us (and anyone else that has high speed internet. Maybe Cresy can do it from the parking lot of burger king.) Ryan also bought me the most beautiful necklace in the world. It is Swarovski, and it matches my earrings I got in Europe.

Ryan got a super nice stereo to put in the red car. Now all we need is some nice titanium rims and well fit right in on the freeway (beater car with all the extras).

I made some really cute doll quilts for the twins. I also made Luke a hair cutting cape out of the same fabric as Ryan’s (Spiderman). I made Ryan’s mom a table cloth (like mom’s white plastic one except this one has pink and green flowers on it).
I also made myself a most fabulous dress. I actually consider it to be one of my best sewing done in my life. It was hard fabric to sew on and I had to alter the pattern a lot. (sometimes I wish I was straight like a board like Lara – having a small waist and big old hips make it hard to sew a dress without looking you are wearing a potato sack or a tent).

Ryan and I gave talks yesterday in church. We talked on goals. Just so you know, everyone one of you was mentioned in my talk. I actually mentioned the whole ice in the toilet thing. The church was so cold that I was literally shaking and couldn’t stop. I never thought I would mention ice in the toilet from the pulpit. They all thought you were brilliant Kade.

Erin and Cresy– I mentioned you memorizing the living Christ in the shower. Kade – I mentioned your vertical jump goal, etc and so on and so one. Even Ben got mentioned. No, Dad, Ben Hardy did not call me. But Big the Franklin Day planner. Ryan gave a really good talk. He talked about when we went to Palmyra and we couldn’t find the church sites with the GPS system. He then related that to his talk.

We are going to Magic Mountain tonight for New Years Eve. It is open until 10pm. Our passes expire tonight so we thought we would get one last time in.

I have almost come to terms with staying here until June. One of the things that has helped is planning little mini-vacations. We have lots of fun trips planned. Some sound so exciting. Like a 3 day camping/kayaking trip on the channel islands. You camp on these islands and kayak to sea caves around the island. It is so awesome. I can’t wait to go. We are also going to use the free airline tickets I won at my work party this summer. We are seriously considering Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is pretty close to Dollywood! Dolly Parton has her own theme Park. You know our love for theme parks. It would also be fun to go to Nashville while we are there. But this might actually be a vacation. Ryan and I don’t’ usually take vacations. We take “trips” and trips are very different from vacations. Trips cram everything you can into the day so that you are left exhausted. Trips are definitely not relaxing. But they sure are fun.

So I have lots of questions for everyone. It is weird seeing pictures of home and not knowing things. For example, in the picture of Kade holding Abby, it looks like she has red hair? Does she? Or is it just the lighting. Also – Ralphy- your sweatshirt in the fig pig-out made you look heavenly. Where ever did you get that? The Christmas tree was in the front room? I never would have thought of that. For a while I couldn’t figure out why you would move that floral couch into the family room, then I realized you probably didn’t move it. In the picture of Christmas of Dad looking at his video and bows in Ralph’s hair, what is the big iron thing in the corner of the picture? Is that a flower stand for mom? Dad – how long have you had those glasses? Are the prescription glasses or the kind you pick up at Walmart?

The picture is from work from our toys for tots for the marines. See the big star wars Darth Vader mask – Ryan donated that to the cause.